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Add me @S1RSN0RLAX I posted the comment below this one
looking for someone to do a coop run with, message me if you're interested XB1 Tag is: THE KILL67
Hello I’m doing a dex build and need to kill the dancer level 25 in need of co-op
Need help with soul of cinder. Ng+
Need help with Nameless king. Password is helpboof. Add me boofbagbaby
Forgot to mention I'm on ps4
Need help with nameless king on PS4 username boofbagbaby, password helpboof
looking for help on demon ruins and all of smoldering lake area
Would like some help please add me @S1RSN0RLAX
DS 3
Need help abyss watchers ds3 ps4
Need a boss buddy for pontiff