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Looking for someone to help me farm covenant items, beat midir, and gael. Add Darth Subjekt on xb1
Looking for someone to do the ashes of ariandel dlc with. Add II Anton 044 RT on xb1
eyyo im trying to play dark souls 3 with someone any trhing expect for dlc cuz i dont got them my steam name is ☁GrizBaer☁
Need help on nameless king add potatomumcher on PS4
Xbox at Abyss Watchers pls help. Add iSM1L3x on Xbox
Can anyone trade me of gael's greatsword?
I need help on ps4 the name is joey_Hilfiger
Can any1 help w lothric psn youngspencer8
Need help Xbox 1 demon king near earthen peak ruins. Name ghost. Game tag is GhostKillaz69
Playing as pyro