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How hard is he?
Hey I killed the great wood boss not knowing I needed to keep him alive to get pyromancies.. Do I have to restart because it won't let me in the cage to travel to teacher
you can join the moundmaker covenant by following the questline of sirris of the sunless realms, as long as you havent joined rosarias fingers yet. probably will find it on her page or the covenants
hey was wondering if anyone had lothrics holy sword or the twind princes sword and would be willing to trade? psn:plasmadude9 max weapon lvl. Thx :)
Pretty dead in here
Hey, was just curious if the way of blu covenant also summons blue sentinels if you summon a red phantom via a sign.
I hate being ganked, and as the Blue Sentinel/Darkmoon covenant are based on ganking i would like to give them a little payback by summoning them while i have two red phantoms summoned to gank him.
would be nice if anyone of you could answer this one
I some how got lorian trapped in a wall. Did anyone else have this happen?



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This is the comments, the chat is on the bottom left hand cornor of the screen.
can anyone drop me a wolf knight great shield on xbox one
need the twinswords on xbox one