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I have a lighting gem and every time I try to put it on a weapon the gem never comes up? Idk what to do.
Are you sure you found the:'s%20Coal
Are you playing an ps4
Does it automatically save game when you beat a boss or light a new bonfire? I'm curious as I accidentally killed Irina after beating champion guyndor and going back to the firelink shrine after I found secret area
Dark Souls 3 automtically saves whenever there is a flame icon in the top right of the screen. It seems to happen rather often.

But yes, when you kill a boss and light the bonfire it will auto save. In your case, Auto save may have triggered when you killed Irina
I'm on ps4
Is there anyway to know for sure I didn't pay attention to see the flame symbol as I was mad at myself
Is there any way to get her back if accidentally killed


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So I've been playing Dark souls 3 and been having a horrible time while fighting the Nameless King and was wondering if anyone would be willing to engage in Jolly Cooperation, btw I'm on Xbox GT: marcos peralta (I know kinda redundant, but the account was created a long time ago and I haven't gotten around to a name change)
Hey,I was in a friend's world, and I dropped a sword for him to get, he couldn't grab it so whatever. I was going to pick it up, and I got disconnected. How do I get it back?
Hi, ive played dark souls 3 now for over 40h and i can't preform weapon art's. My friend said that i only need to 2h a weapon and hold LT and attack but when i hold down LT nothing happends. and my controller is not broken. Anyone who knows a solution? i really need help with this



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Look. At. The. Weapon. Skill. Some. Of. Them. Are. Special. Attacks. Some. Use. Your. Other. Weapons. Skill.
Hey guys.

I need you help I just did something stupid by mistake. I have consumed an items gave me around 2 millions souls. I don't want to use them. Do you a way will let me transform my souls to item so I can save, or do you an item I can buy and when I sell it will gave me good amount of souls?

Please I need you support guys
Hey guys looking for a fight club give me some passwords and a location thx
just go to the pit right after the pontiff and lay down your sign, you will be summoned in less than half a minute (as long as you are not extremely lowlevel). half of your invasions there will be fightclubs
I'm making a new build, and I need some equipment. Simple things, and I can pay with many, many large souls. Add me on ps4 NotSo-SilentHill