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By Anonymous
Someone wanna help me on PlayStation with the twin princes boss fight username is jewishmason password luna
By Anonymous
can somebody help me to get the vertebra shackles? somebody need to summon me so I can get the 30 kills, I can give souls or rings as exchange. my psn is The_Duke_MK44 please I want all spells and trophys and it takes so long to invade, would be a great help
By Anonymous
Can anyone help me with friede?
By Anonymous
Can anyone help me with twin princes?
By Anonymous
Someone help me now with Aldrich before I murder a family, password is gg lowercase god **** help I’m a sorcerer glass canon build
By Anonymous
if anybody needs someting, I can give items from catring to souls to weapons and armour, my psn is The_Duke_MK44, my character is lv 380, I have every weapon and unlimited souls, not cheated so don't need to be afraid to getting banned. just text me if somebody is interested, even if it's just pvp oder help with a boss
By Anonymous
Don’t suppose you could drops lots of materials
By Anonymous
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