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i got the chest piece stats are 12.8[physical] 12.3[strike] 12.3[slash] 11.6[thrust] 10.6[magic] 12.3[fire] 9.9[lightning] 6.8[dark] 49[bleed] 42[poison] 38[frost] 35[curse] 10[poise] 380[durability] 12.2 [weight]

it makes your character look fat like the evangelists i have screen shots
ill just edit it i got the gloves as well


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This set's headpiece doesn't prevent the Giant from firing arrows at you, a unique Birch Tree branch does this.
I snipe any time.
I got the trousers from the one in irithyll next to the central irithyll bonfire I think it would be easier to farm there since she is not hostile at first
That one is a one time spawn.
No it isn't I've killed it quite a few times
This gear is essential to the fashon souls of my shrek build
Thats not true wearing the head does not make a difference for The Giant Sniper!
I love this armor but it's so sad that there is no way of removing the clipping through the chest part with your arms..
I had to farm these lovely ladies quite a bunch for a Fat Official build. I did it from the Cliff Underside bonfire, simply chucking a bunch of fireballs at the one who walks towards the Rotten Greatwood's battle area. Do note that she will sometimes fall down into the ravine, in which case you'll just have to rinse and repeat.

Everything except the mace and chest seem like fairly regular drops; the latter two are a bit rarer (By the end of it I had 2 gloves, 3 hats, 3 pants and 1 of both mace and chest).
Anyone else think this is a reference to mozgus from berserk?
More like a reference to the fat officials from Demons Souls.
Not EVERYTHING in the series is a reference to Berzerk...
Weeaboos -.-
The evangelists are in fact Mozgus references
I'm pretty sure. They use their book as a weapon, too.
Hey, third Anon reply. Get ****. You're playing a game made in Japan. That makes YOU a weeaboo too. ****.
So the Cathedral Evangelists have a small golden mask in the hat, covering their eyes. Does this set`s hat have the mask as well?