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Killed Midir and revived spears of the church but he still doesn't invade :(
Use a bonfire then go back.
Alva does indeed heal. For those of you that haven’t experienced this it’s because Alva only heals from a distance which means Alva will only heal if you run away. Alva also only heal at half health and below. I’m certain because I remeber alva healing once when I was invaded. It only happened once because I immediately got aggressive when I say Alva could heal.
Heavy ultra greatswords absolutely destroy this guy, they stagger him and unless you have very little stamina you can take half his life in one combo easily.
Is there a way to get it if I killed yhorm
This guy along with Creighton are the most BS invaders in this game, as with NG+4 and above, it's a guaranteed two-shot.
I grew up on DS2, so it's pretty surreal being able to actually run into and see more of Alva when he was hailed as a heroic legend in DS2 without you ever having actually seen him. It's really cool that they showed more at all, let alone you actually seeing meeting Alva at Zullie's corpse in the ringed city and then getting dialogue saying they finally met there. An implied happy ending.
To clear up some confusion, to make him spawn you just go to his area while embered and online.
Offline works too
What idiot decided he should use a Murakumo? His armor is obviously designed for use with a shield, the left arm is fully armored for that reason like most of the knight armors. He’s more of a sword and shield style set, the dev that created him in ds2 odviously wasn’t the same one who placed him in ds3
What does it matter? You act like a trained warrior isn't allowed to have multiple weapon preferences. Seriously, who cares if he doesn't use a sword and shield anymore? Who cares if he NEVER used one, it's just *****ing armor, it doesn't have to mean anything in a video game.
He switched his weapon choice out of need and was fond of it. It suits Alva to use weaponry that you wouldn't expect a knight would use. He was doing whatever it takes to complete his goal and tragically wasn't enough.


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Alva is an absolute beast on ng+7
He fell off the cliff when i was running back and forth just to come here and see if he died it cut off some questline