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"Alva is a female name"?
Thomas Alva Edison.
It's gender neutral ;)
Is mayonnaise a gender?
The thing is, "Alva" in Thomas Alva Edison, is a middle name. Middle names are not based on gender. A guy can be named James Mikaela Goodman. That doesn't make Mikaela a gender neutral name. Alva, according to Behind the Name, is feminine.
In Irish Gaelic the name is male and female, in Scandinavia they use it as a female (derived from the word elf "Alf") and in a biblical sense it's from a male. Google famous Alvas and you get a mix of male and female (with first name Alva). I guess you have to take country of origin into account, even when pulling sources from websites. Praise the Sun!
In romanic languages, "Alva" is a female name. Those languages also have male versions of that name, like "Álvaro" in Spanish. Also, as someone else has already pointed out, your argument is invalid: middle names are not based on gender. In christian countries, people used to be forced to have several "christian" middle names in order to have their first name not be of christian tradition, and those did not take into account the gender.
I love when this wiki feels the need to assert unproven and even unnecessary information as fact.
No Patrick, mayonnaise is not a gender
You must also be online to spawn Alva. When offline npcs never spawn now, i've tried this across multiple playthroughs and characters.

If you want an easy run through the ringed city, just go offline and you'll never get these invasions.
Not true. I did the DLC about a week ago and he spawned while in Offline mode. I am doing another playthrough of the game and so far all NPCs that should spawn have spawned including embered invaders.
He spawns in offline mode in the Ringed City. I only play offline and had to face him as well.

What the hell is this guy on about?
I bet gangisburrito feels stupid about the Sulyvahn invasion claim
Just managed to pull off a parry when he kicked me, wtf?
Kicks are parryable. Obviously not advised, since a partial will almost always leave you staggered.
I didnt find him after crossing the bridge in Ringed Knight, and just take away the Black witch set, but I want my wolf ring+3>< does anyone know why he wasnt there? and how can I find him again!?
Anyone else not get murakumo to drop after killing him?


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Protip: If you're doing speed runs, kill him when he spawns because he won't go back to his world until you fight Yhorm. You can't rest at the Profaned Capital's bonfire while he's in your world.
If you miss Alva the first time, but kill him on the DLC, does the armour appear?
I missed him at Irythill but was hoping to get him in the Ringed City so I could pick up Murakumo, however he doesn't seem to be spawning. I am embered, tried reloading the game, nothing. Anyone know what the problem could be? I've activated the shared graves and city streets bonfires, and knocked Midir off the bridge (did not kill him in the real boss fight though). Could doing any of these stop him from spawning?
He invades when you pick up the Black Witch Set, go to where it is.
Does not respawn when reinstating the kings decree like Ledo does.