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Is this the same Alva from the stories in Dark Souls 2?
Presumably so; killing him when he invades allows you to loot the Alva Set from DkS2 in the Irithyll Dungeon.
This is the same Alva. But he's changed. Ever since Saint Serreta died, he's a changed man though Zullie made him happy in the end despite what she had done to him.
I disagree with the post above. It's clearly stated in the Dark Souls 2 item descriptions is that Zullie did once tricked and seduced Alva, but she fell in love with him and supported him in the end.
Alva's set in Dark Souls 3 describes him being a tragic hero in both tales involving Seretta and Zullie. I think something horrible happened to Zullie and in the end, he became a broken man and a Seeker of the Spurned. Spurned means
Alva and Zullie's kid, maybe.
Yep, DS3 description mentions that something horrible happened after DS2 description ("Alva was once wracked with guilt and remorse, but rediscovered his purpose in life with the aid of the witch who once plotted against him."), I guess Zullie tricked him or something.
Alva's title in Ds3 is Seeker of the Spurned.

Karla can be found in the cell just beyond the body you loot Alva's armor from.

Karla's ashes name her as 'the spurned child of the abyss' and further mentions that 'no one is searching for her any longer.'

A lot of people are quick to say it's Zullie, but here's something neat - dark edge, one of the dark sorceries Karla sells you, mentions it's a spell 'passed from mother to daughter.'

Spurn means to reject with disdain or contempt. Perhaps he is looking for a replacement for Zullie. Zullie was described as being spurned in some of the lore in the items in Dark Souls 2. So yeah, I think Zullie's 'death' or disappearance may have changed him for the worse, since two loves of his life are gone.
Alva was mentioned via item descriptions in Dark Souls II and his set is actually the Armor set worn on the cover art of Dark Souls I
He's talking about the cover with the left handed knight. The one where his back is facing us while he walks into the light.
But isnt the left handed knight Artorias? Just his pants were burnt away as he was corrupted by the abyss.
Yeah, Artorias is THE left-handed knight, and the armor's a perfect match. C'mon, people!
umm... the Elite Knight Set is the "armor on the cover" (it's flagship by the way) of Dark Souls I
No it's Artorias on the ds1 cover, just an early version of his design, it's unlikely the Alva set was even a concept until the creative design process of DS2
why won't she invade me? I finished the game and I go back to the area but not getting invaded, same thing happened to me with Yellowfinger in the marshes before Farron Keep. Is there a known reason behind this?
After defeating the boss for each area invades for that area are gone
You cannot be invaded in an area where the boss has been defeated. You will need to be in Ember Form during New Game + to be invaded by NPC phantoms that you missed.
While these are valid comments, they are not the sole reasons. I have the same problems with invasions. Some invade, some don't. I generally always play offline (my available play time is limited) but this isn't the reason either (verified by others' comments). The only game conditions left would seem to be related to faction affiliation or NPC quest actions (maybe you have to be 'bad' or 'good'). I have tried different (but not all) factions with no change. After this, it would seem to be the result of coding errors or computer system differences.
I go the stairs and all but alva didnt spawn and invade me.. What do i wrong?


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Have to have an ember on.
The default pic is wrong, I'm pretty sure Alva is a dude.
Alva is indeed a dude from dark souls 2. Although you do not meet him or anything, you can read his armor description. "Alva crossed many a land in search of a cure for Saint Serreta's sickness, but failed and relinquished his knighthood." Notice HIS knighthood.
4023 souls upon defeating alva wearing covetous silver serpent ring. His guard can also be broken using greatswords and leaving him staggered so you can heal.
This fool tried shooting one crossbow bolt and then proceeded to sprint off the cliff to his death. Thanks for the free stuff!
Happened to me as well. He invaded and sprinted off the cliff as I was getting close to the entrance.
In the Irithyll Dungeon, the room with a whole slew of Jailers (Exit to the Profaned Capital) there's a corpse hidden behind a few breakable objects, it's sitting in the corner, you'll get his entire armour set there.


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can be found after u defeat him at the irithyl dungeon where the many karla is