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By Anonymous
I just had the best idea ever: I'm going to make a Sly Cooper cosplay with this.
By Anonymous
How did it go?
By Anonymous
Hmm maybe a dark build since the blindfold mask fits perfectly
By Anonymous
I feel like this weapon doesn't get nearly enough love. I hardly ever see it in PvP, but the combination of shield pierce, bleed buildup, multi-hit weapon art and a good chasedown moveset makes it absolutely melt players who are hiding behind shields. My SL60 Dex build runs with this in the mainhand and Great Corvian Scythe in the offhand (for even more shield pierce and bleed with a lot more reach), and it has a very consistent win rate against sword-and-board players. Just remember that some medium shields can parry, so don't spam R1s.
By Anonymous
Good for one thing: cosplaying as a Dothraki/Khal Drogo.
By Anonymous
I saw a lot of people compare this and carthus curved sword. It is simple, CCS for dex build with a touch of bleed, CS is good for quality dex/luck due to the B scaling!
By Anonymous
Only has 30 bleed not 33.
By Anonymous
Everybody gangsta till the sharp question mark starts killing
By Anonymous
i chuckled
By Anonymous
Please just kick or use stance... turtlers deserve to be ended rightly, not plinked to death
By Anonymous
gotta disagree, shouldnt rely on shields to begin with in pvp. if you think stance or kick is more fair, remember that those are easy to roll on reaction, whereas curved swords 2 handed r1s are second fastest. either way theres no reason to complain about innate shieldpierce when dark infusions are everywhere
By Anonymous
Gonna have to disagree further. Shields definitely have a place in PvP. It's their overuse that people are too accustomed to. So when people seem to champion no-shield PvP, one can't help but laugh.
By Anonymous
theyre right about kick and stance being too slow tho
By Anonymous
Shields are for passive-playing cowards
By Anonymous
Lol, shields are just another tool that can be used. Hate it all you want, but there’s a reason why medium shield/longsword is considered cancerous in PvP, and that’s because it’s so effective.

I use the Carthus shotel with a medium shield, punish people who turtle while also turtling people who can’t beat my shield with the occasional parry to catch people off guard. Won’t say I’m a pro, but it has won me battles which is all I care about really.
By Anonymous
It looks also like the Assyrian sword sapara
By skeletonkeyblade
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Maybe Handmaid's Dagger, or Harpe. Definitely Heavy Crosbow. Oh, useful? This, for sure.
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By Silverscales_
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ok, you've got me there. I didn't even know that the heavy crossbow was in this game.
By Anonymous
Yorshka’s spear anyone?
By Anonymous
great wooden hammer anyone?
By Anonymous
A Sharpe Harpe can be deadly tho
By Anonymous
Does the bleed build up better along side the shield pierce?