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I rektered him with Sirris but he's not invading me, I've beaten Sullyvan too tho :/
If you've already cleared the area boss before pushing this part of the quest he won't be available to invade you unfortunately...
He didn't drop it
You find his body at the Yorksha Church bonfire with the set on
You have to assist Sirris against Creighton in the bridge of Irithyll (Before defeating Aldrich) then go back to Firelink and talk to her. Take the Church of Yorshka bonfire and go straight and turn right, Creighton will invade there. If you defeat Aldrich before helping Sirris against Creighton, her questline skips to the next step and you can't defeat Creighton anymore.

After you defeat Creighton near the Church, go back to the bridge and the armor will be on a corpse.
I just helped Sirris in the bridge (Aldritch is alive Pontiff down) went to Firelinc spoke with her she gsve ring and Msilbrraker now Im in thr grave near the church and schreighton is not invading
Thanks, armor was on the bridge after defeating him at the graveyard. Pontiff was alive.
I killed him with Sirris but then I killed boss... So he won't invade me at the grevyard, right?

well then fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... what stupid questline...
I think all that matters is that you kill him with Sirris in the bridge.
doesn't hurt her quest line just the invasion, which nets you the gear.. which isn't that good anyway.
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You can find it on the brigde goin to Irithyll when you've killed him the second time ( when he invade you on the cemetary )
...after killing me. Coffee on the screen is no joke. -_-
This armour set, the chest piece in particular, would look so good without that goofy-ass cape!
Don't you dare slam the cape!
WRONG! All capes look cool because, well, they're capes.
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What if you complete the Sirius of the sunless quest line will the dude still invade you!!???
No cause he is dead, you find his corpse after he invades you and you kill him.