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Where is this?
You can find it around the wall.
I faintly remember it, I think indoors. Somewhere after the transforming demon blob with praying worshiper found on the roof, but before before the big *** whirlwind berserk dude holding a giant pole Axe that guards the courtyard. Maybe that small indoor area where you found the cell block key.
Very late reply, but this it found outside of the tower, right after the dead dragon with two praying (non-aggressive unless attacked) hollows, just below and outside of the "Tower on the Wall" bonfire"; Here two hostile hollows attack you (one from climbing up the ahead ladder leading you downwards, one jumping over the right wall when facing 'forward').
After descending the short ladder downwards, there is a rooftop with an abyssal-snake transforming hollow amongst a group of praying hollows (a crystal lizard hides in the back-left of this roof), after passing this newer-player mess (easily able to run forwards if desired) you can climb the ladder in the top-right downwards or drop on the overhang to its right, and again to the bottom of the ladder.
You will likely be attacked by a crossbow hollow at this point, however you should head into the building you just descended, then inside (immediate left room contains some loot and a few hollows) prepare to be confronted by a Greatshield+Spear Lothric Knight (can be tough for newer players, running is often an option).
The back-hall has a secluded passage if you immediately roll/attack the junk pile rewarding some Green Blossoms and, after a small drop to another raised passage at the end after the chest, the now 'not-so-powerful when raw infused' Astora Straight Sword in another chest.
You may wish to elect ignoring the hidden passage, instead proceeding to an opening slightly forward and left into a small room with a hollow and a 'Broadsword' poorly hidden under some boxes.
Exiting this room and following the prior path will lead to downward stairs on the right, and following the non-ground-floor path leads to a back room. Don't let the treasure chest distract you, an assassin hollow lies in wait very close. This chest contains the Silver Eagle Kite Shield, and may prove quite useful for a number of players.
CAN NOT PARRY ya thats right you cant parry with it



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it says this in the item description, and please note, the small sword icon in the bottom left corner indicates a shield with the special ability to use weapon skills while using 1H instead of parrying
Equip two shields, this in the left hand and a buckler in the right and you can parry, so don't lie bro ^^
Isn't good it doesn't Parry so you can use right hand weapon skill like a Wand Buff?
The shield's skill is Weapon Skill, not strike.
I was struggling hardcore in this game as a pyromance until I found this shield. It's great for early-on.
Feel free to make it more coherent, english is not my first language.

I'd say anything is better than the vague description, which certainly did not help me find it.
It's a blessing that you can find this very early.
Praise the Sun!!!!!
good shield but more experienced players might want to go with the blessed red and white or grass shield later on for the extra buffs and parry ability.
Only those aren't 100% block shields, plus they're usually only good if you end up using a greatsword or something
from the tower bonfire go through the tower. down to the second floor, across the roof, wodn the ladder to the right. turn around go through the door.
kill the tower shield lothric knight, go down the hall, go outside and down the stairs, go back inside and straight past the interior stairs... inside the chest in the small corner room.
Awesome for new characters. 100% block and lets you use your weapon skill.