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By ManatuBear
PLEASE do not add your scaling to the tables, add only the base damage. When the game shows something like xxx + xxx in the equip menu, only the first numbers are the base damage, the second set of numbers (after the +) are the bonus scaling your character gets from his stats.
By Squeaky245
Why is this downvoted? Why are people this dumb?
By Anonymous
I remember you helping me in BB chalice dungeons. You are a true hero !
By Anonymous
the way it moves... is quite exactly the style of Sif, the Grey wolf, when he used the sword of Artorias, back in "Dark souls 1".
By Anonymous
not just that, look at the blade, its similar to the great sword of artorias, but is bent to the point of it being a curved sword, and with the description, im sure this is actually sif´s sword.
By Anonymous
Recommend sharp on this weap?
By Anonymous
Can't infuse it.
By Anonymous
Another one for the casual dex ***
By Anonymous
Lol the dex singularity eats mans and produces salt.
By Anonymous
lol u have no right to say that anymore coz giant dad is already dead. the legend HAS died!
By Anonymous
Zzz another ***** moaning about dex builds.....learn to parry and Step away from the r1 spam
By Anonymous
Too difficult for a casual to obtain
By Anonymous
Oh hey look, it's another max strength user that lazily one shots people because he's so "skillful" and *****s on people for not using the exact thing he uses.
By Anonymous
Cry more
By Anonymous
Stop getting your *** kicked by DEX builds, scrublord.
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This thing needs to be tested with the two Pontiff's Eye rings and Carthus Beacon, to see if the effects all stack.
By Anonymous
i don't think you can equip 2 pontiff's eye's, since i can only equip 1 Life Ring
By Anonymous
Any word on if these will stack yet?
By Anonymous
They meant the Left and Right Eye rings, not equipping two of the same kind. I unfortunately chose Vordt's mace instead of the ring, so I'll grab it next play through and test if someone else hasn't beaten me to the punch.
By Anonymous
I gave the old wolf 10 bladegrass and it said I ranked up, but I didn't get the sword. What do I do?
By Anonymous
Its a bug. I read somewhere that sometimes if you get summoned while handing in you dont get the reward. do 1 more hand in though and you should get it
By Anonymous
it should be in your inventory, mine only said i leveled up and didnt say I gt the sword, but when I checked the inventory, it was there.
By Anonymous
Same, bro
By Anonymous
I hoped that if you reached rank 1 of the watchdogs of farron then you would receive the non-corrupted and not broken great sword of artorias instead of this. :(
By Anonymous
This is way after his story line. No chance that would have happened.
By Anonymous
This is by far my favorite weapon, it does great damage, the effects are nice and the moveset is amazing.
By Anonymous
I've updated the regular tab, for +3, the numbers were all wrong. Unfortunately I missed the values for +1 and +2. Going to update the rest as I reinforce the weapon, if needed.
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By inirin
Updated the values for +4 and +5 in the normal tab.
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