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By ManatuBear
PLEASE do not add your scaling to the tables, add only the base damage. When the game shows something like xxx + xxx in the equip menu, only the first numbers are the base damage, the second set of numbers (after the +) are the bonus scaling your character gets from his stats.
By Anonymous
I concur, only the base damage is universal per person. The parameter bonus is the number to the right which depends on the level of the character in the respective parameter bonus stat (ex. Strength Scaling A, Intelligence Scalling C.
By Anonymous
Lightning and magic damage get bonus damage from scaling on chaos infusion ?
By Anonymous
I can confirm that adding a scaling elemental infusion (lightning, chaos, dark etc.) will cause the elemental values of the weapon to scale with INT/FTH.
By Anonymous
this makes an AMAZING blessed weapon. since it keeps the lightning damage and adds better faith scaling you dont lose as much damage as other blessed weapons. +10 with 35 faith has an AR of 400. C faith scaling that applies to both physical and the lightning damage.
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By Hymmnos
You'll still get a better AR with quality.My current build is 20/20/43/40Normal: 507 ARRefined: 513 ARBlessed: 442 ARIn DS2, the weapon buffs added a multiplicative effect if the weapon had that type of base damage, so a lightning blade + blessed would probably do more... in DS2. From what I understand, in DS3, weapon buffs are just additive elemental damage so even with minimal physical stats, Refined is still the best infusion.
By Anonymous
Can you still buff the weapon if it is blessed? Like use Lightning Blad and etc
By Anonymous
Why not infuse it with lightning? Even better scaling with faith and more lightning damage.
By Anonymous
Why is is that a dagger out poises a great sword, the whole great sword class is completely obsolete in PvP. Fix it please from.
By Anonymous
If this sword had just a little more reach to it, it would easily be one of the best greatswords in the game.Right now I have a Refined Drakeblood Greatsword +10 with a build focusing on str/dex, and it do an absurd amount of damage to most enemies.It just has a really short reach for a greatsword. It it had the reach of say, a claymore or the Firelink Greatsword, it would be perfect.
By Anonymous
Excellent reach and moveset. With a STR/DEX build i recommend Refined infusion but if you are a magic heavy or hybrid build then you cant go wrong with Chaos/Dark as stated above.I have been running this almost exclusively on my Pyromancer build due to my lack of miracle and lightning based skills
By Anonymous
"Excellent reach" may be a bit of an overstatement considering it literally has the worst reach of all greatswords (barring maybe the bastard)
By Anonymous
Drake sword back
By Anonymous
With 40 dex/21 strength and sharp infusion im sitting at 559 AR unbuffed. With Crystal Magic Weapon, Sunlight sword buff and Lloyd's sword ring its 856 AR. I 1 shot entire squads of gankers with a 2handed charged R2 as they run in like idiots.
By Anonymous
Is it better to infused dark or keep normal and buff dark ?
By desitjant
I went refined on mine so I could use the buffs, and so far I like it.
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