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What Items? and for souls you the two best places are Anor Londo, the three knights in the front area usually give a decent amount of souls for the time it takes to kill them and rest at the bonfire. Another place is the Golden Winged Knights on top of the Grand Archives, if you have the Mandicants staff, the Symbol of Avarice, Silver Serpent Ring(+1,+2), and the shield of want. you will end up with about 60,000 per kill and there are three of them.
And maybe the respawning Drakenknights at the Archdragospeak
Walkthrough for them please and thanks.
Any info please
Get the cell key, release the thief below the 2nd bonfire of the castle wall, he'll give you the ring
You get it from grierat, get the cell key and talk to him, he will give it to you.
My record is 23, but I know someone who did it on 20.
Level 1
Were to find them
Titan Night...?
Is there a certain way you have to summon npcs? Is their summon signs on the ground in some areas
That help you? No in the lowest level of the Deep Cathedral you can summon rosario fingers guy but you fight him. Is actually how you can access the iron armor which is really effective.



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The easiest way to find them is to play offline....they'll be the only markers on the ground
It's not that difficult to do even online.


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git gud
And praise the sun


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Oh man, I'm glad some anon thought of that. Never heard that advice before.
Can't find dark stone
In the Area before Oceiros.
Or the second skeleton ball