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Well, I tried parrying early in the game and noticed that while the parry animation is exactly the same like ds1, the way the frames worked was like ds2. I would like for someone to confirm this.



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Just tried parrying as well. Tried parrying with my fists, and it seems parry frames for enemies are tighter, or at least the ones in the beginning. With a medium shield, though, I honestly don't know how it works. Can't parry on startup, very rarely parry at the beginning of the climax, or at the climax, or near the end of the swing. Parries just seem much harder with medium shields.
Seems like it, however, the buckler feels different. Not as many open frames and not as predictive.

Also, the monastery scimitar is no longer OP af.
Mon scim can parry too
hi. sori for newb question. i am just wondering if u can parry ultra greatswords or heavy weapons?
problem is you are pretty much dead if you miss it



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I think you can parry ultra greatswords if it's used one handed...
Rapier can parry too when off-handed
You can parry the Astora Greatsword weapon skill, even if it's 2-handed.
The Sword Master did that to me.... 0_0 <-my face in that moment
Add a list of unparriable weapons maybe?
You can in fact parry unarmed, but only if both your hands are empty. Otherwise it'll take the weapon art of the right hand, instead of parrying with the empty left hand. Not really useful except when fighting completely unarmed (or possibly with some fast weapon switching if you really don't want the extra weight?), but there you go.
some of them can parry if wielded on left hand only with some exceptions like dancer swords and falchion
Sellswords twin blades in left hand