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i Like lightning urns
My boi
how do you farm them?
Make the hole greirat quest then you can purchase them ?
If you are an invader just do what they do; dupe them (and endless Siegbrau), twink it to the limit and claim you are at an disadvantage.
Wait for greirat to die at lothric Castle, give them to the handmaiden, and you can buy them from her
I could buy from greirat after his first scavanging
you can only buy 6 then. after his 3rd outing they are infinite stock so you can buy hundreds of them
Yep. They should update that for people wanting the Iron Helm from Pickle Pee. Otherwise they're going to think they have to wait until Lothric Castle.
Do not kill Greirat for the urns
This game's questlines are*****
True true, but I like a few of them, like the Anri one, takes forever but it’s really cool.
where do i even get a lightning urn?
It literally says where to find them
yea but reading is hard
But you'll have to read the responses anyways
After running miracle builds, pyromancer builds, infusion builds, and everything else that incorporates some amount of faith, I've concluded that these stupid *** urns are the best offensive miracle in the game.
Greirat would rather die a hero than live a rat. Sending him to Lothric is what he wants.
Holy hand grenades.