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where do we go to get it read?
Take it to Irina of , although I think it makes Eygon (her bodyguard) hostile after a while for some reason.
Instead of Irina, give it to Karla, the witch you find in the dungeon. She'll complain, but if you are persistent she will take it and teach them to you. That way you don't ***** up Irina's questline.
You need to give it to Irina of Carim, a blind cleric you can rescue from the Undead Settlement area
It's Braille you can't
Londor Braille Divine Tome (Missable!) - Sold by Yuria of Londor in Firelink Shrine. She will only appear once you get 5 levels off Yoel. You must buy the tome off her and give it to karla later on for 3 miracles. The tome won't carry over to New Game+
The wiki doesn't list the miracles given by this tome as dark, but if you give it to Irina it'll ruin her questline and Eygon will become hostile at the Gundyr bonfire.
You can give her the tome but you cant buy any of the miracles.
True you can give it to her without buying, but those of you who want Dark Miracles, Miracle Trophy/Achievement, or simple collection purposes will want to acquire them anyway. Give the tome to Karla later on, and you can keep Irina pure and get the goods =D
anyway to get tome if i dnt have yuria cause she never appears cause i dont follow the yoel questline
English, do you speak it?
"Is there any way to get this tome if Yuria never appears because I didn't follow Yoel's questline?"

No, there isn't and I hope English isn't your first language.
This page doesnt mention it but make sure you get Yuria to spawn by drawing out your true strength 5 times before you cross the hanging bridge in the catacombs otherwise Yoel will die early and Yuria wont spawn
Wish I saw this earlier because the pilgrim died before I drew out the last dark sigil so can't progress further in my gameplay.
or start drawing strength before you kill watchers or he dies and then you get no yuria. what *******!!!!
how is there no secondary way to get this god damn thing
So frustrating that you're essentially locked out from ever getting these miracles if you haven't bought them before reaching SL125 or so, and don't want to overlevel. Fromsoft did a great job at streamlining a lot of parts of the game, but the fact that you NEED to level up to even start this questline is pretty bad.
Ew, 125 is a tryhard meta. Come back when you're 120.
I agree with OP. I don't even play online and that questline is still awful. It's not fun, it ruins immersion and the lasting effects of it are stupid.
Is there a way to unfair her quest? I bought the dark blade from her and now I'm notified that it failed her quest..
you'll likely have to start NG+ unfortunately
Meant "un fail" in my last text
idk how to edit, but mention that Karla AND Irina can take it. Giving it to Irina is something many players will want to avoid, so I think Karla's ability to read it should be included
If you gave the tomb to Irina, purchase all of her light miracles but not a single dark one.
This will turn her into a fire keeper and she will move to the fire keeper grave, outside of firelink shrine. All dark tomes you gave to her will be next to her, so you can pick them up and give them to Karla