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drops from the large enemy with a wooden plank strapped to his back with the two handed handsaw in the undead village on the way to the curse-rotted tree boss.
Witch one?
depends on if you have any faith? What's your build? if you're a faith/str, use dragon slayer. If you're a quality build str/dex, use Black Knight.


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PVE:Black Knight

PVP:Dragon Slayer

In PvP Dragon Slayer's lightning damage is amazing but don't listen to the current wiki page
It is really wacky

But if you want highest physical damage get Black Knight Greatsword
what do you mean when which one?
... Why isn't the chain axe from the big snake dude useable? I want me some chain axeion.
That is horrid
that pun was so fuggin bad i dont even
A roooooooooop
I bet the chain axe comes apart of the dlc
That would be a deadly combination in PVP if its the special move it has to throw the axe. A deadly close range weapon and a long range finisher all in one. The question would be, can it be parried while being thrown?
i think the great machetes need to be under great curve swords no?
The great machetes rely more on "chopping" attacks like the axes whereas curved greatswords still focus on slashing like the normal curved swords.
It's the moveset not the look
Do greataxes still have faster hyper armor frames when off-handed?



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Why, of all things did Ultra great swords & Great hammers get buffed? Why is there no love for greataxes ;_; The windup is slow and predictable, you barerly have hyperarmor, bad tracking, 2h moveset is awful on most of them. From, show us some love.



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It has semi-decent tracking. With the Dragonslayer Greataxe I can do full turn arounds when people roll.
CAn tHEY Be ParRiEd?
Rolling, running and 1handed can