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By Anonymous
Does this mace not look like Saurans?
By Anonymous
Vordst hammer besides the ice glow texture lools alot more like saurons though
By Anonymous
Compares well with the Great Machete, but by that point in the game it's not worth farming with options like the Fume UGS and Yhorn's Great Machete soon after.
By Anonymous
I wonder if this would be a good Faith/Str build option...
By Anonymous
Sucks how the scaling is so bad. IMO it looks so good, but I guess I won't be using it.
By Anonymous
Anyone tried this out in pvp? I really want to know if it is worth using.
By Anonymous
What's the purpose of this weapon? Is there any reason to use it?
By Anonymous
It is nice if you wish to use a great hammer. Use a heavy infusion on it and buff it when fighting tough opponents.Be wary as it is a slow weapon, so you might have some difficulties to hit fast opponents (like dogs or some bosses like Pontiff Sulivan) or during PvP.It will force you to learn pacing, as you will get destroyed in PvP if you spam R1 as if it were a dark sword or estoc...(well, spam... twice or three times before you run out of stamina...)As for great hammers you can get Vordt's great hammer earlier in the game and without the need to grind for it. It has the same move set, weapon art and a little bit higher damage output. You cannot buff it, though. It has a frostbite effect, but it's not very good.Even earlier, you can get the spiked mace from the evangelists in the undead settlement, but you'll have to farm it. It's a bit weak at first, but with a better scaling it can outperform the great mace (both have the same AR at +10 heavy with 35 strength). It also has a bleed effect, a really cool weapon art, and you can buff it, too.Later you can get Morne's hammer, though it will almost force you to build your character around the weapon, with its cool weapon art as the only intesive to do so (high strength and faith requirment, cannot be buffed, damage only slightly above the great mace).The Gargoyle flame hammer and old king's great hammer deal fire damage and so cannot be buffed or infused. They can deal high damage and both have a unique and cool weapon art (though the old king's one is hard to efficiently use).I can't say about the 6 other great hammers as I didn't test them (don't like their look).In PvP, they're really average weapons, but as such they're rarely used and so players might not always know what to expect. Use this to your avantage.I didn't get much success when fighting multiple opponents, but otherwise I can get nice performances out of them.
By Anonymous
I wish this mace was usable but
By Anonymous
If a weapon has poor scaling might not the time for infusion be upon us? Focus the scaling on something else rather than the raw power of the weapon.
By Anonymous
Even going heavy you have poor scaling, but you have high base damage, so it's good.Other infusions gives split damage, which is rarely a good thing.
By Anonymous
Never used it, but seems to break stamina into pieces?
By Anonymous
that applies to all greathammers but who the ***** would block a heavy slow *** weapon
By Anonymous
Wanna know who would block greathammers? The common and worthless Gankers, for certain they would have at least one among their rank trying to use a shield with good defensive stats while expecting it to block it, only to get their guard broken so you can follow up with smacking them down oh so easily.
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