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By Anonymous
Notably at max upgrade the Dragon Tooth is also 342 damage with B scaling but is also has the built in fire and magic resist and both are buffable. Sure not all B scaling is created equal and this probably gets a couple more points of damage, but I'd go with Dragon Tooth over this for the resistances anyway or the Spiked Mace for higher scaling and the bleed with the spinning combat art.
By Anonymous
This, Astora Straight Sword, and the Greataxe are some of the best candidates for Hollow infusion at meta level and below
By Anonymous
Better than the okay mace.
By Anonymous
haha big mace go bonk! but in all seriousness this is a really good weapon.
By Anonymous
Here's a thing I've been doing recently in PvP. Buff the Great Mace with Blessed Weapon and you gain small aoe blasts that spawns with moves that slams the weapon to the ground. Many were not aware of this and even messaged me if I was hacking, despite me being on PS4.
Most obscure feature to date. Try it out!
By Anonymous
Unfortunately this is a lie. I tested it right now and no such thing happened. I tested the entire moveset including dropping and jumping attacks. Nothing. The weapon performs no different.
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