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I think it should go up slowly overtime, and not make us use an ashen estus flask to refill it.
That's what Simple infusion is for, slowly regenerate FP with a Simple infused weapon. Though it's rather slow, at about 1 or so per tick, compared to the 3HP per tick of the Blessed infusion.
I agree with you. As a die-hard sorcerer, a slow regenerating FP bar would make afking more viable in regenerating your chances of winning as a caster. You could save your Ashtus Flask for in-boss fights when you run out.
Then put a Simple Gem on your weapon.
And not make us refill it every single time we want to use it.*
can we change the "Fancy Points" to Focus Points please :3
I noticed when my Focus Points are empty , I can still perfom weapon arts like buffing with Axe , stepping with Dagger and Attacking with greatsword etc. It only uses stamina. So I guess Focus Point are obsolete? Or is this supposed to be like this and the is a negative side when performing weapon arts with FP?
Without fp you can still do the skills but you lose the damage bonus and any speacal effects so for example you lets say you you did a normal longsword skill...well you would do the skill but its basically just a normal heavy attack and has no's basically a damage boost
performing weapon arts without FP*
You can perform Weapon Arts without FP, but it will be signifcantly weaker.
When you have no FP, weapon arts become pathetic; maybe useless. I suppose the quicksteps are still good for traversing deep water or getting around with Iron Flesh active, though.
cracked up with "fancy points"
It appears as if you can use some Weapon Arts without the necessary FP, but what does come out will usually lose its unique effect. For example, the roaring buff without FP doesn't seem to apply the bonus damage at all (only the initial stagger and an inferior version of the modified R2 on clubs), Quickstep still quick steps but looks to have fewer iframes, Perseverance (instant infinite poise for a moment, found on caesti and maces) loses the damage resistance and might even make you take MORE damage than if you hadn't used the ability, maybe counter damage.

Spells just plain don't work without FP, though, and the catalyst buffs mostly seem to just stick you in a long animation as punishment for trying, like when trying to chug empty Estus.
I call them FAP points
For Annihilation Purposes
Items That Increase FP
-Ashen Estus Flask
-Hidden Blessing

-You can sitll perform Weapon Arts even if you don't have the required amoint of FP left. Spells don't apply.
-You can still perform Weapon Arts without FP, but it's significantly weaker.
Any items that increase maximum FP?
how much fp is gained through investing points into attunment? I'm currently at 20 attunement


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FP progressively increases up until 35. after that it dramatically drops