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Is this just 3 phases, so that there is no difference between say 31% and 70%, or there are 3 different linear dependances of the roll distance with different slopes (like it was in DS2 i believe)?
There is a slight difference, but nothing that will save your life.
I've heard it slightly increases distance of the roll with each %.
If it is the same as dark souls 2, which i would assume it is, as you approach 70%, your character loses some distance on his roll and, more importantly loses stamina regen. Try testing it by running around naked and with a ton of armor. Stamina regen should drop by a lot. I dont know if they kept that in DS3 though.
seems like no difference in 31-69% to me
How exactly do I know how much of it I am using? is there something on your stats that tells you? or will I need to do the basic simple math myself?
It should tell you in the stats...
In the top right when in the equipment menu it should show a percentage
What about 70% exact? Is it medium or fat roll?
nope, i tested it and exaclty 70.0% is med roll, not fat



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70% exact is fat roll this time. Confirmed from being exactly 70.0% and rolling like Havel in his grave. It seems 69.9% and under is the only way to keep those somersault rolls going.
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fat roll
If you're saying it was 70% exactly because of what the game menu told you, that value is rounded and your equip load was probably actually above 70% by a small amount.
you fatroll. i tested it
its a fat roll. Just tested it.
It medium rolls for me. I think if you are truly 100% at 70 and not rounded down on the stat sheet, it medium rolls.
I have noticed that below 30% load my rolls are pretty much quicker and farther away than above 30% load (no rings or roll-mechanic changing items were used in my testing)
I haven't done the math (yet), but that list is definitely not complete. At 0% weight ratio (for testing!), you get an obviously faster roll.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is a "medium" speed roll between 40%-70%(making up numbers) either.
There is a speed diffrence but the iFrames arent diffrent. Just tested it out
Where did you get the invincibility frame data?
does equip load effect leaping distance?
I was wondering if any of you tested if attack/swing speed is different at lower percentages or not. Is it faster below 30? What about between 30 and 70 if I'm at around 64? I didn't really test anything, but I removed my armor so I could be at around 34 using Onikiri/Ubadachi and even tho it seems like it's small, but I think I attack a bit faster at 34 than at 60+.
From memory dark souls attack speed can not be increased, only casting speed
I use the same weapon, and if you are seeing the same thing I am you can. I was at 60-70%, now that I switched to 59.5% I see that in duel wield mode it is most noticable...
Don't forget about about the other boss soul ring, can't remember what its called but it ups vig, vit and end by 5.
prisoners chain
It's important because with full havels set + shield + dragons tooth + the dragon greatbow I needed all three rings with like 55or so vitality to be at 99 point some percent equip load. Totally not worth it for bosses. Too slow and not enough damage mitigation. Plus I spent most of the game investing in vitality just to be able to wear the gear I wanted because fashion souls.