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Just had the helm and legs drop from the blue lothric knight outside Emma (?) the priestess' room.
No, i got the legs and helm off the greatshield knight and the armor off the normal knight, got the arms on the blue cape knight though. It seems my best drop rates are when im embered.
Totally new to the franchise and I'm so far loving it, I picked up this item and can't wear it for some reason. Do I not have enough faith? I'm a pretty default knight character.
I don't know if I experienced a bug or what, but this helm was the first helm drop in my game (as deprived). It was dropped by the first enemy on the High Wall of Lothric. The crossbowman who is right there by the bonfire.
Lucky you, i'm about to hit ng+3 and never dropped
Got the legs and the chestplate, now I need a helm and gauntlet of these


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they should really fix every trivia section somehow involving berserk