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By Anonymous
Anyone know where or how early the mace can be found or bought. Not starting with cleric class
By Anonymous
Thanks my friend
By Anonymous
Greirat sells it to you after you free him. Could be done pretty early.
By Anonymous
Greirat sells it, once he arrives to the Firelink Shrine after you free him from his cell.
By AnonAmarth
Greirat's sitting down the stairs to the left of the blacksmith
By Anonymous
It can be bought from the thieve that you free from the cell with the cell key
By Anonymous
With in 3 hours
By Anonymous
Is this weapon useful, compared to longsword etc. ?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Longswords easier. But Hammers ARE viable contrast to what others claim. Strike damage has strong advantage to armored foes, weak against flesh (naked/non-armored) foes. Also hammers guard break after 1-3 hit on a blocking foe for a stagger then riposte. Are hammer useful you ask? Indeed they are, its just LS are easier to master. You should try to keep different damage type weapons anyway. Thats why they give more than one weapon slot. Swords Vs skeletons for example, where Mace Vs skeletons is cake
By Anonymous
Is it just me or is mace just insufferably slow in DS3? It easts stamina and some nemies will hit you before you can stunlock them. You're much better off with a longsword imho, even strike damage isn't what it used to be and with all the strike damage greatswords around I don't seewhy you would bother with maces in this game. It's a bit of a shame really.
By Anonymous
Mace was tricky in DS1 (comparing DS3 with DS2 makes no sense...), too. Short range is a huge disadvantage. Overall it feels more like a starting weapon you should put aside ASAP for a great hammer for example if you make a strengh build and has just the niche to be extremly good against skeletons. (Cleric since Demons Souls)
By Anonymous
I've been using a mace on my cleric build, but it does feel pretty poop. I seemed to remember having a better time with the DS2 mace.It also doesn't seem to respond to elemental infusions as well as some of the other "weaker" weapons do, like the shortsword or the hand axe, although it seems like all the "hammer" weapons are like that.I guess one of it's redeeming features is that it's a very low requirement strike damage weapon, but a weapon like the morningstar has very low requirements as well with better base damage.
By Anonymous
If you take a moment to look closely, you'll see that default mace movesets are the same as greatsword movesets. And yeah, it is a shame. The swing is slow but it doesn't deal enough damage to justify itself. If only From would buff it
By Anonymous
Try using perseverance just before a straight sword r1 and then you will see why hammers are viable.
By Anonymous
couldent agree more. i'm doing a solo run with this weapon and i'm on the final boss buts its been so freaking painful. not only is it slow but its recovery time is slow as well lost count of the number of times i've been hit or killed because i'm locked into the swing.
By Anonymous
If i recall correctly, the DS1 Mace had a windup animation for its "light" attack, which made the weapon kinda tricky to use, yet felt like you were tossing a brick bag on foes.Ds2 felt like their tried to make swinging a mace cool, by going up and down.Which kinda made the impact feel (and was) *****.DS3 kinda does the low swing, yet...strike does feel so odd, now that every weapon does equal amount of damage, and resistance in enemies isnt as harsh as in 1.
By Anonymous
This weapon has its purpose. I use both a mace and a longsword in my build. This is phenomenal against slow enemies or enemies using a shield. I use it when I know I can get in close and hit them before they hit me. It's also great for roll catching. For faster enemies I switch to my longsword. I alternate back and forth depending on the situation, and it works great. I believe they may have buffed it since you posted this, however. I'm not sure what was buffed, so maybe it wasn't viable before the buff.
By Anonymous
Makes short work of spooky scary skeletons when infused or buffed with blessed weapon.
By Anonymous
very good for trade with heavy weapon !
By Anonymous
It's has hyperarmor and good in roll catching. Awesome weapon.
By Anonymous
22.10.16 Maze is viable with 50 poise
By Anonymous
The mace is an absolute beast if you use it as a trade weapon. The poise WA basically guarantees you to get a 500 damage combo if you can get a slight read on your opponent and even if you misread them there's virtually no punishment for it. 10/10
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