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So, we're unable to buy them like in Dark Souls one?
Try reading
Large titanite is listed as sold at firelink after an upgrade, so I don't see why this wouldn't be the same.
farron keep behind an illusory wall after a long ladder, just by keep ruins bonfire
You are able to buy the shards after you get dreamchaser ashes
any help on where those are? the page is blank so far.
Does anyone know how to trade titanite shards? They don't show up when dropping for guests
It is simple, you can't
You can't trade them. Ye *****ing wanker.
you can but you are probably clicking discard instead of leave
I got one from the big crab in Road of sacrafices swamp


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Best place I've found to get them to drop is from the Lothric Knights just before Vordt's door.
Best place to farm these?


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Smouldering Lake
If humans were created in the image of God, then under these conditions, it means that we are able to become gods ourselves.
Try the Silver Knights in Anor Londo or the area right before it.
Do I have to waste points in luck to get them or something?

Is there maybe an Item Discovery threshold needed to drop?
Try anor London that's the best spot if you ask me you don't need any item discovery there at least for me and a few others
Try learning how to read or something XD
That description under Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
most gratuitous brain-fart ever XD
Thoses undead that has a wood cross in they back, they have a uncommon drop of titanite shard, put a crystal sage spear or any other boost of discovery and you can farm 2 that are near the crucificion woods bonfire ( in the ruins )