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You need to buy the Londor Braille Divine Tome from Yuria, then either give it to Irina or Karla. Note that if you give it to Irina you will eventually lose her as a vendor, whereas Karla simply won't accept it the first time and needs to be asked twice.
I cant use it on butchers knife, why?
Butchers Knife not buffable.
because its a special weapon (heals when hitting stuff)
How does the damage bonus work with weapon buffs? Is it a flat bonus like dks1 or a mix or flat and percentage like dks2?
You can't use these buffs on special weapons. In DS 3 this seems to include hemmed weapons as well to my regret.
Tried to use the fire version of this on my dark axe but no no.
I have learnt this miracle. But I cant cast it on my sword. Why???????? I have all requeriments of faith (I have more than 25 faith) and I tried casting it on a not imbued weapon but I cant. The icon appears in grey color. How can i cast this f****ng spell????

Please help
Anri's Straight Sword can be buffed and it's upgraded with twinkling titanite. Js.
You're new to this game. Some weapons can not be buffed. If that is not the case then you're not using a chime/talisman.
Weapons upgraded with twinkling or scale can't be buffed.
Also any weapon which has been given an elemental infusion (dark, crystal, chaos e.c.t.) cannot be buffed either
equip a talisman.
False, this miracle does not scale with intelligence, nor does it receive a bonus from chimes that assist in dark miracles. In fact, casting this with caithas chime +5 added less than casting with a canvas talisman + 5.
Strange, miracle hexes were tied to the suffering of souls were sorcery hexes were based on pure emotion.

They did away with one and kept the other.
Yeah this really should've been a sorcery instead, idk why there are four Miracles that buff weapons and there are only two Sorceries.
^^ the fact that it was made by one of the three sisters of Londor, famed for its Hollows and darkness and spellsword characters, it is weird that it's a Miracle.
Has anyone figured out yet if this is bugged or not? Looking at the specs of the Canvas Talisman compared to Caithas Chime everything points to Caithas having a much better buff and scaling. Yet casting it with the Canvas results in a higher damage output...

As of now, reinforcing with lightning is better than with dark, almost regardless of what enemy out hit it with. Seems very odd to me.
Dark costs 35 FP to cast. And Lighting is 50.
Caithas is only good for offensive dark miracles, Dead Again, Gnaw etc.
I would say this is a bug, as it is clearly a dark miracle...unfortunately buff spells are dumb and from doesn't get how to word things to tell you that "Buffs don't count as "dark" spells" even though they have the dark background and are gained from dark scrolls/books.

lol probably "Working as intended"
I bought this spell but why it doesn't light up in bonfire *spells sheet *
you need 25 faith to use this -.-
Have you leveled yellow strength?