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doot doot*
>If you proceed you can descend down to take on a demon in this early portion of Smouldering Lake. In this chamber there is a Mimic up the stairs near the end of the walkway.

Where? I've cleared literally every other inch bvut I can't find this accursed thing
cross the wooden/rope bridge just before the boss then cut down the bridge. climb down the now broken bridge. viola
If you let the skeleton ball go back and forth a few times it'll break to give you an Undead Bone Shard. Figured it's worth a mention in the guide...
The boulder breaks when you kill the skelly with the hat


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I was going to post a comment about this then saw this here. Seems a lot of people miss that one.
Really? How long does it take?
To be specific, it's the skeleton ball that goes up and down the long flight of stairs. There's a non-hostile skeleton standing in the right corner as you enter the hallway at the bottom. Kill him and then wait for the ball to hit the gate.
Also should note, I'm not sure if its the imbuement or the weapon, but a mace imbued with Bless will cause skeletons to fall apart as well. Works great against the elite skeletons, one hit will make them fall apart for free hits and even when they get up they can be knocked down again.
just needs to be a heavy weapon like a mace, its definetely not the bless infusing (actually i do more dmg without the bless, since my faith is low)
What's up with the skeleton in the hat that just walks around?
Friendly tour guide of the Catacombs?
That skeleton controls the boulders. If you kill the skeleton, the boulders will smash against a wall and break.
Kill it immediately to stop the boulder
i just got killed by a red eyed skeleton that respawned so ....
they don't respawn, they build back together. try a holy/blessed weapon and I THINK (dont take my word on it) blunt weapons help as well.
Listen for the sound of souls flowing
When I was exploring this area, I felt like Indiana Jones, only in a twisted alternate-universe sorta way. It was awesome.
Is it normal to have 30+ skeletons suddenly spawn behind you in the bridge room? Because that happened to me and I shat myself.
yes.... juz run till the end of the bridge, then attack the bridge... it will collapse, along with skeleton.. then u can climb down from the bridge