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No hood? I was looking forward to rocking a mask in the hood.
Full set(mask included) can be bought after killing her
Once you kill Yuria you can buy it from the set for the Shrine Handmaid
Bought from where?
Yeah, where
On my first playthrough, I finished Yuria's questline and and summoned her to fight the final boss. After the battle, I chose the dark ending and did not enter NG+, but I noticed that Yuria was gone from Firelink Shrine and where she normally stood was an item drop containing her entire set (including the mask) and Darkdrift, but no ashes, and there was no corpse or other indication that she died. Is this a reward for completing her quest?
I assume she went back to Londor, and left her armor and weapon as a gift for her newly "crowned" Lord and Liege
So, after receiving all the dark sigils, and speaking having Yuria for a few bosses, I finally cleaned my Dark Sigil, and she stuck around. I was able to progress the quest until I accidentally killed the assassin.

So I guess If you keep the Dark Sigil for a while, and then cure it it works? I don't know. Need to test it more (with back up saves lol). But I feel like it is possible to cure your dark sigils and still continue the story. There must be a way.
Isn't the Billed Mask the helm for this set?
Does anyone know if it's possible to find her elsewhere if you didn't start her wuestline?



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How did you not start her questline it starts when yoel dies and she appears by his corpse
Maybe they missed Yoel, or didn't level up before Abyss Watchers so he died without bringing Yuria in. I didn't know you had to level up before the boss and sadly, I missed the chance to slay her ***.
Something is wrong here. I just got the lord of hollows ending (NG+), but Yuria is still alive and well in the shrine and acting like nothing happened along with the rest of them.
Same here too


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Same here.
I think you have to summon her for this one. I haven't tried not summoning her, but on the character I did summon her for the ending and she disappeared and left all her equipment.
Well, I guess you can just kill her and then buy the stuff from the Shrine Maiden. I mean the quest is over anyhow.
same here :(
there is and idea that summoning her for cinder's soul fight is a term to receive her set/weapon
Would I still be able to play through NG+ with the black set? What I mean is, if you decline NG+ in the credits, can you still activate it later?
yes you can, go to the firelink bonfire and you can start it there.


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I've gotten a lot of good mix n matches with them.
It's basically black night leggings jr, which is really nice when you want a lighter pair of leggings, these look great