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By Anonymous
so sharp, hollow or bleed with this?
By Anonymous
So, for a pure dex build is better this or the selswords? (obv with sharp infusion)
By Anonymous
Edit: for pure dmg sellswords are better, otherwise warden are nice for the bleed
By Anonymous
Is it worth giving these a deep/dark gem infusion?
By Anonymous
Im really late, but if someone else is wondering, with dark it does be pretty decent, deep is kind of a infusion i would make only for a caster (or maybe not even then since dark scales with both the casting power stats)
By Anonymous
My instincts tell me sharp would be best but would refined be better for a standard quality build?
By Anonymous
nope, in my experience sharp stills a better option, especially bc doing better dmg requiring only one stat
By Anonymous
Do these have the same moveset as the sellswords? How do they compare?
By Anonymous
Same move set, slightly heavier. Slightly less raw damage & range. Bleed doesn’t work that well anymore sadly. I had a hollow build way back that was mostly just this weapon. So if you are min/maxing it’s not as good, but it’s got mad edge style.
By Anonymous
They both have the same range. Warden for blood or hollow infusion, sellsword's for everything else. That's it.
By Anonymous
honestly a worse looking better damaging sellsword winblade and i love it.
By Anonymous
better damaging????? what game version are you playing fam? optimized sellsword build vs optimized wardens build, sellswords will always stomp in terms of damage and range
By Anonymous
30 nov, they deal 30 less AR and have bleed. they have the same if not greater range and with the same great moveset the Wardens are just better imo
By Anonymous
I have been popping of with blood gravewarden twin blades. I know it's not optimal but the bleed is so satisfying and I don't have to bother with buffing
By Anonymous
100% agree, getting a bleed proc from the L1's or spinny weapon art is like pure, distilled dopamine
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