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This is definitely the best weapon for a dual dex/bleed build. Infuse it with a sharp gem and you're good to go.
I actually improved the formula a bit. Now I have +10 HOLLOW Warden Twinblades with 25 STR/40 DEX/40 LUCK. I infuse with Cathus Rouge before every big fight and I make my opponents bleed like crazy. Very effective build for PVP.
Can you tell me guyz how much the bleed hits for ? Even with the carthus buff I dont see how much damage it does, also If you buff with fire or something else would it be more helpful ? Thanks
I'll give that a shot but from what I can tell they are pretty poor.

Pros: very low stamina cost, decent scaling, good speed*

Cons: bad damage, low bleed**, no parry, no kick, poor hit stun, majority of telegraphed attacks.

* Speed is great once you get an opening for a combo, most of the openers are pretty telegraphed.
**the bleed rating is on par with other weapons but doesn't seem to bleed nearly as fast, I would assume that like damage the rating is for if/when you land a hit from each sword: Anecdotal.
Luck stat is a waste of time. Upgrade these to max, maybe Sharp augment,( not sure how well a quality build works with 2 one handed weapons, could be better) go Dex build and these things *****ing slay especially 27th a bleed buff applied to them.
Then I guess I got lucky.

I only know of 3 wardens in Cathedral of deep, that you can go to through the right door shortcut
Sweet =) Do you sugges to pimp luck till the bleed proc is 50 ? or it is a waste of points,I would like to stay max SL 150.
Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
Today I was farming the Wardens for this weap, with 210 Discovery and I killed at least 20 Warden without dropping not even once
The first one i killed dropped this :P
Farmed it today. 4 attempts with base discovery on the single warden. Also got his skirt and gloves too.
Lol. I feel guilty. I got it on the first drop just going through the level. #justgottabegud
whats the fastest way to farm wardens?
I got mine on the first kill, you'll get there.
Buy a *****ton of homeward bones from the granny and rusted coins from patches.
Then go to the second bonfire. Take the shortcut to the right and take the elevator up. Send the elevator down and head to the room with the 3 priests inside. Proceed upstairs and leave the cathedral. Kill the 3 suicide guys. Pop a coin, kill the two wardens that patrol the area bellow, then use the homeward bone, rest at bonfire and repeat untill they drop you the swords. This is the best farming route. Your's is BS.
You're better off just getting yourself killed to the zombies right next to the warden. Faster trip back to the shrine, and it's not like you care about the 1000 or whatever souls anyway.
141's method is superior.

Taking the elevator and skipping all the mobs leads to a 1 minute sprint to the warden and the bones are covered by his kill cost.
Do you know if it's worth to sharp this weapon if i play DEX Build ? =)

For the moment i use regular, but i want to try sharp ..
i reply my self, i have try and it's totaly worth to upgrade with sharp if DEX Build
It's actually better to go luck/hollow infusion. Gives equal damage but much higher bleed. If you pump dex the twinsword katanas from the npc in the library are better.
just go with the blacksmith and watch how much bonus u obtain if u infuse ur weapons, mi mercenary swords+3 go from 128+33 to 123+68 with sharp at 22dex,
They look like Skeksis ceremonial swords to me
Seem to resemble Prince of Persia's Eagle (mostly)+Lion swords in Warrior Within more than anything else I've seen.
I got these blades on my first try using the gold coin. Literally the first enemy I killed drop the blade, the robe and bloodred moss clumps. I guess i'm lucky.
The dislikes lol
Add some bleed on these and use the weapon art to inflict massive amounts of bleed build up!
Seems that poison infusion adds bleed damage while raising poison to a very high value
When infuse with bleed thoose weapons become really dangerous, it procs bleed really fast
Way better to go with hollow infusion 40/30 dex/luck, hollow yourself to get 10 free luck
(5 luck from +10 hollow warden blades and +5 from +10 hollow offhand that u put on ur back) which brings you to 40/40 dex/luck.

This build will add more damage to the blades AND faster bleed procs at the same time aswell as 10 statpoints into luck for free.

Also you can't use Carthus Rouge on a bleed infused weapon but you can on a hollow infused one, this gives u +45 extra bleed damage for 60 seconds.

Infusing with blood gem only adds 2-4 extra bleed which is terrible.