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Purchased from Orbeck of Carim after giving him the Golden Scroll.
*Orbeck of Vinheim
Does not work on fire infused rapier, possibly other fire infused weapons.

Does not work on Farron Greatsword, possibly because of unique 2h wielding.
So far, I've been unable to use any form of buff on any weapon that is intended to be used in two hands. I've not tested greatswords, but Ultragreatswords, Greataxes, and Greathammers are all unable to be buffed by this or any other kind of weapon buff spell.
Can't be cast on weapons that are infused or any special weapons just like any buff


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Any idea how long this lasts? I'm seriously considering a Saber cosplay from Fate/Stay using this and maybe the twin princes greatsword
You can't use it with boss weapons.
Dude that's a great build idea
Unfortunately it doesn't last very long. Not sure of the exact duration but not as long as Carthus Flame Arc. I'd estimate around 40 seconds.
I feel like the storm ruler would be better for that; if it works the way I think it does, the wind should still be visible, and you do the pose when you fire the wind bolt :D
That's a very creative idea actually. Nice !
I'm not sure why this would be useful in any context?
Or see how you hold your arms
Saber from Fate/Stay night cosplay
In pvp you can hide the length of your weapon and weapon type from your oppenent. You could be using a massive great hammer or a small dagger and they wouldn't know the difference until it is to late.
fashion. Using with the manikin claws looks kind of cool.
Does not work on Fist Class weapons.
You can do both "Magic weapon enchant" & "Hidden weapon"
It hide the weapon but you see the blue aura around the weapon floating in air. Kinda sweat but useless.
EDIT: It does break magic enchant.
Basically can I use this on a bow or boss soul weapons?
It counts as a buff so you cant use it on bows, boss soul weapons, you elemental infused weapons
when a filthy magic user approaches you empty-handed dont let your guard down