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Can someone help me with the Nameless King. I am SL 80.
What platform are you on
you must roling his attacks and hit the wiwern to the neck when she breathe fire
Can someone help me with the nameless king like cheesing or no cheesing? Sl 69
kill the blacksmith and I can not use, he says this busy and fence me
someone help me ?
assassinates the blacksmith and now I can not use
He tells me to go
help me please?
Try to get forgiveness at dilapidated bridge bonefire. Get through the rat locked door and make a right to the statue.
Good you filthy traitor


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Hey guys, I'd like to ask for your help!
As a school project I made a Viral Video and the aim is to get 700 views in a week so I'm looking for viewers! It is a llittle different interpretation of the second ending of Dark Souls III. I really liked the alternative ending, so I decided make a video about it. It may look silly and funny but nevertheless I tried to be accurate with the story. But you also shouldn't take it too serious - it's still for fun!
I hope you will enjoy this video and praise the sun!
I dropped my favorite set of armor and weapons to move over to a new character and I lost most of the items in the process. So what should I do it makes me so mad because it took me a long time to get those for me to lose them all in a only a few seconds. I would like the bug/glitch to be fixed so no one else has to go through what I have.
Come posso trovare lo scudo del Cavaliere del lupo se lo sapete me lo dite in italiano per favore
Devi aggiungere il rank 2 del giuramento di Farron
In italy
I just killed the ancient wyvern but I didn't get teleported. What do I do
Complete the sentence. Invaders who pull the internet cable when facing deat, how can someone be such a...
Cowardly Twat
What? Hosts are the ones to do that. And they have infinite phantoms, darkmoon blades, more HP and more estus than you do.