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In the "Shadows Ahead" aka True Colors trailer there seems to be a frost mace.
I believe that would be the vordt's great hammer it is frost and looks like a mace.
In the area where you find the Onion Knight, you can go up the lift part way and jump off while it's still moving. This gives you access to a new area that the Onion Knight helps you in, you can get a Large Club there.
The large club is a great hammer not a hammer.
Sharp gem...
Because hammers are strength weapons
Dexterous man SMASH WITH HAMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Because why the ***** would you need dex to use a weapon based on blunt force.
'because hammers are strength weapons', they say, while not a single hammer gets S scaling. 'hammers are strength weapons' while one of the only sorcery weapons is found in the hammer class. tbh fromsoft clearly doesn't care that much about what is and isn't good for a weapon class.
nothing here for you
Actually, there is. They are called the drang hammers.
id like the mace the cathedral knights use
I realised that about 10 mins after I posted that


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You can get it, but it's a two-handed hammer.
Usually speed of swing kept me from using hammers since previously they seemed to be almost as slow as greats words, however I feel like they may have got a speed buff in the last patch. Can anyone confirm? I was testing the drang hammers R1 attacks and felt they were a few frames faster than before.
These weapons aren't getting any love at all. Practically absent in PVP, and while I use them myself and the Warpick on the side, I've only seen the Drang Hammers a few times in over 500hrs.
Sadly the weapon art is quite lacking in comparison with other weapon classes of the same size. Now with the poise improvement, the perseverance WA is even more useless. Galvanize is quite good though if you wanna have an extra ring slot.
these weapons are not acceptable
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