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Broadsword is better, bastard sword is cooler, Ags got more big D energy, zwei stabs my shoulder
This is a broken greatsword...
why doesn't it just become the "darker sword" when infused with dark?
And if you have cinders then add dark blade, the darkest sword
The damage doesn't look so bad and the scaling is pretty decent. Why you say this was nerfed?
Because it was nerfed, lol. It was stronger before, but it doesnt mean it is weak, only more weak than before. wtf u talking m8
this + crystal magic weapon, boom, diamond sword, you're welcome
Anon I think Im in love with you
This sword has A scaling with int and faith when infused with a dark gem. Not B.
This thing has a C in strength and dexwhen sharp infused, yet, every other ULTRA GREATsword, only an E ins strength, and like an A or B in dex, what kind of a$$ backwards convoluted horse hock is this?
So you are telling me that its reinforced dark sword not dark dark sword? interesting...
It has an S Faith scaling with blessed gem instead of A. I’m not sure if this was after an update or something but just thought I’d point it out. It’s actually pretty good with blessed gem. I’m using it, the Ancient Dragon Greatshield, and the sun princess ring. I love my hp Regen build haha
I switched the dark sword out with +10 blessed Caestus. Still works great and looks badass
Having trouble figuring out which move does thrust damage, any help? thanks!!!
Run and attack
The one where to stab forward and not from side to side or up and down
rolling r1s, none of the straight swords have thrusting r1s
none of the straight swords have *running* thrusting r1s, i meant
The thrusting attack
Now that i think about it... Does the jumping attack count as thrust? You sink the sword into the ground with that.