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In the notes sections it says this sword has less than optimal scaling, yet it's one of the few straightswords with C str scaling? Could it be because scaling doesn't increase much when upgrading this sword?
This thing is one of the stronger straight swords, arguably too strong. Hits like a truck in PVP when made Heavy.
People are saying that it hits hard with the A scaling in strength but that is actually less optimal if you are going quality build which will do more damage with a refined stone with a BB scaling
Infusing it with heavy makes its scaling amazingly good on a STR build. I have my STR Darkwraith build (full set+dark hand) with 28 VIT and 23 STR and it hits very nicely in PvP and PvE
Methinks I might have to use this, maybe give it heavy infusion. Could make for quite a potent weapon if I buffed it.


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PLEASE do not add your scaling to the tables, add only the base damage. When the game shows something like xxx + xxx in the equip menu, only the first numbers are the base damage, the second set of numbers (after the +) are the bonus scaling your character gets from his stats.
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ahh didnt know that thank you
with the heavy infusion, this weapon has a A scaling in strength early on. I'm not sure if it will go any higher at higher levels. Great weapon!
So far way better than the counterparts in the predecessors. The sword needs little stamina wich makes long chained attack combos possible. The strong attack is "chargable" wich is nice in pvp against thoose permarollers to put off their timing. The damage is ok, if infused heavy it reaches A str scaling at +5.
Havent fully upgraded it yet ill update when i did.
I have mine at heavy +5 as well. Its so good.
Every strong attack is chargeable.
My go to weapon, when I want to down a boss and don't make a fuss. Slap on some resin and spam the boss to death.
The sword is amazing at catching rolls. You can get about 4 swings at 10 (Pretty sure) stamina and they always roll after the first but keep spamming light attack (one-handed) and you'll usually get a hit during their roll, depending on if they try to counterattack after their roll.
This item also drops off of the wrathe below the bonfire on tower on the wall
whats the wrathe? the "thief-like" enemys wich throwing knifes at u?
You have to first encounter leonard at the shrine then get a pale tongue come back to him and thehen he give you the lift chamber key nice farming spot too
There is a locked door with an elevator behind it.
You have to do the red orb / invasion quest line, to get access to it.
Dark Sword does no Dark DMG?
It never has, unless you enchant it.