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By Anonymous
Which of the two would have a higher miracle damage? Since they both have an A Scaling on FTH
By Anonymous
I think the Cleric's sacred chime might be the best in terms of scaling and spell buff. It's really confusing having two different catalysts for miracles. They definitely went out of their way to create more variety instead of create a single OP catalyst.
By MisterKevinX
At +10 and with 50+ Faith, this Chime has better spellbuff than the Cleric's Sacred Chime. At below 50 Faith, they are about the same. Saint's Talisman isn't as good as either of these Chimes.
By Anonymous
***when I compared, they were both against the same targey, bonfire fresh at a +6 for each item.
By Anonymous
this one, it's a chime compared to a talisman chimes are always stronger but they're slower to cast
By Anonymous
Just compared the two. The chime did a measly 3 points more damage with great lightning spear than the talisman. The casting time is not noticeably either. Maybe +10 it will be more noticeable.
By Anonymous
Is the only way to get the best faith spells really to murder the daughter of our God? Talk about mixed messages.
By Anonymous
Come on guys. We are the dark souls community. We are mature enough and socially conscious enough to not use offensive terms like tranny. Squeaky she is talking about equality, men and women being equal other than stances ( and other physical attributes ).
By Squeaky245
Don't know how you confused the effect of the tranny ring for a feminist statement...
By Anonymous
This game is.. I'll tell you about mixed messagesWell, you marry someone, that means ritually killing him/her..There is a guy who ate someone, and now looks like him (you are what you eat lol)..Hollowing is lucky. So if you die you are lucky.And there are some feminist messages as well:When you use the ring of Gwindolin, the only difference is the stance, telling you the only difference between man and woman is how they relate.And read what the Sun Princess Ring tells you. Beatiful holy children...
By Anonymous
Can we have Spellbuff included in the Upgrade-Table? Since its the most important Stats and not here ^^
By Anonymous
They should at least test with 50 int or faith for chimes/staves/talismans. Kinda unprofessional if they dont
By MisterKevinX
Spellbuff is based off of your Faith stat, so it isn't included because not everyone has the same amount of Faith.
By MisterKevinX
I just can't... I'm about to go into NG+ and I want her Chime. The feels tho.
By Anonymous
Yorshka is love, Yorshka is life, Yorshka is waifu
By Anonymous
Rosaria yourself into a bastard-character and do a dedicated bastard-playthrough.
By Anonymous
il kill her just cus the covenant is ***** in this game.. i love her but my new founded hate for the broken covenant stops me from caring.
By TheFallenApprentice
I did some testing and up to 45 faith and both of them fully upgraded, the Canvas Talisman buffs or hits by 1 or 2 more damage.. for example.. using Sunlight Spear, I did 465 with the Chime and 466 with the Talisman.. with Lightning Blade, I did around 368 if buffed with Chime and 369 if buffed with Talisman.. so anything between 45 to 48 Faith, u can use either the best Talisman or the best Chime.. at 49 and above faith.. this Chime is the best for casting for miracles! Hands down! if u r planning to keep faith at 40, then go for Canvas Talisman
By Anonymous
The only way to get this chime is to kill her?I...I guess I'm never getting this chime then.My heart... I just can't do it. I'm weak man, weak.
By Anonymous
I can't believe I did it. I felt so bad, and I still do. At least I get to go to NG+ where she'll be alive.
By Anonymous
Not killing that poor girl for a Chime, screw you From, you heartless bastards.
By Anonymous
you 2 guys could just ask some1 to trade, you know ? try reddit trade
By Anonymous
Dragon waifu for lifeu.
By Anonymous
+9 at 60 faith gives 246 spell buff, which is one less than 247 at +10
By Anonymous
spell buff scales with faith, if your faith is higher than you will have a higher spell buff. some people with have a better gain from +9 to +10, depending on their faith
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