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So is this the best talisman/chime for buffing weapons with?
Depends what your faith is
Yorshka's Chime is actually the best, gets 247 Spell BUff at 60 faith
nah. Caitha's Chime is far superior for buffing.
never buff with a tali, never combat cast with a chime, chimes are defensive and passive whereas talismans are combative.
Jeeze,cthis thing wins in a race with any other talisman out there
Until you hit 40 fth, then saints talisman takes the cake. 187+ lightning damage. Without lightning clutch ring.
@anonymous who said: "Until you hit 40 fth, then saints talisman takes the cake. 187+ lightning damage. Without lightning clutch ring." you brought up lightning damage when the comment was about casting speed... btw, the damage on saint's talisman in no way makes it superior to canvas talisman, higher damage doesn't do much for you when you get staggered during a casting. What most people are talking about on this page is the canvas talisman's great poise increase during unfaltering prayer, were you reading any of the messages?
This has the best spell buff at 40 Faith compared to other talisman's
What effect does the spell buff level do? Like, does it make a weapon buff such as blessed weapon stronger?
Spell buff increases the damage of offensive spells such as lightning spear, wrath of the gods, etc, it also increases the damage that certain buffs give you such as lightning blade or darkmoon blade
Spell buff is like the AR, which is to say it tells you how good you are with the given catalyst based on your stats and its upgrade level. It determines how much damage you do with offensive spells, how much you heal or how long a buff will last (I think).
Spell Buff is basically the power a talisman or chime can put into a spell. For example Darkmoon Blade is a buff that uses 95% (I think) of your spell buff as AR for your weapon. Not sure if it works for things like Sacred Oath but damage spells increase the higher your spell buff is as well.

It might only apply to damage oriented spells as I haven't seen an increase on any of the heals or Replenishment.
For a faith build. this thing is fantastic. the hyper armor skill on it allows you to tanks low weapons. while still having great spellbuff (50 fth=200) it hits like a truck. and it casts like at truck. the skill is not as tanky as the sunlight talisman. but the increase spellbuff makes up for it (and you never get hit by a heavy weapon twice in arow anyway)

Remeber to combine it with ring of the suns firstborne & mornes. and decent amount of fp. and you have yourself a faith build.

compared to the saints talisman (higher spellbuff) this one is superiour. purely because the hyper armor is required to tank 2 quick weapon hits. or 1 big weapon hit. wich the skill of the saints is unable to do.

This is a horrible talisman for faith buffs (dmb and lightning blade) because it's spell buff isnt optimal at all. or using it purely for heals ( sunlight is best for heals because more hyper armor )
Use the weapon art to activate unfaltering prayer (poise buff)
I can't activate the poise buff. Is it auto or do you cast it?
Morne's Ring and Suns firstborn ring DO NOT increase spell buff damage



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I do not kid you when I tell you i litterally have to apologize to people for using this thing. Any miricle castor who doesnt have this in thier arsenal is simply not doing the class any justice.
Better than Canvas Talisman at 40 faith. My canvas +10 has 180 spell buff and my priest's chime at +10 has 183 spell buff. (I have 19 str and it says that Canvas has better str scaling, but that shouldn't effect spell buff I don't think)
You might get 3 extra spell damage but the talisman makes you basically uninterruptible while casting with the weapon art. You still take damage but you'll finish the cast unless you die from the damage or get knocked down. The trade is with it.
*Worth it
The Canvas Talisman is better than the Canvas Talisman? ok...
Priest chime has better spell buff than*
Priest Chime is a chime, not a talisman. It doesn't offer Unfaltering Prayer and can't be used in same scenarious as this one.