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which build for this weapon?


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None :-/
The weapon is for unspecialized build (D scaling everywhere) as an early weapon it would have made a little sense but it's far from OP
What does this weapon scales off the most?
Dexterity and int
it has D D D D scaling in all parameters, so not much bonus damage. Any build is ok
except they dont


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You know those'll improve when you upgrade it, right?


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... Continued

The only thing these are good for is looking cool in screenshots & general fashion souls.

OTOH, I can't wait to see what DS3 cosplayers do with these.

/nerd out


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They stay D/D/D/D all the way to +5.

Final damage is 144 phys/114 magic/114 fire.

Backstab on a cloth wearing mob in the archives does ~204 damage. As far as DPS goes this set is absolutely rubbish
Time to sword dance until stamina is exhausted. <3
how critical will be killing Emma in early for get this swords on start of game? and how possible to kill boss with around 30lvl?
i managed to kill her at lvl 40 and what i know is that she dies after you killed 3 ashlords, but if you kill her you cant summon a npc for a bossfight
I managed to do it at about 40, but It was extremely difficult. Blades were worth it, though.
killed her at level 13 with cheese
So, the right blade is enchanted with "dark magic" and glows purple like dark spells, but does magic damage. Methinks a last minute tweek happened.
It's enchanted with Darkmoon magic. Just like Sulyvahn's sword.
@ Hmm. Well, even so, it seems like dark would have been a better choice considering the left and right swords would have scaled similarly. Though I'm assuming the right sword scales only with Int.
Like, does the right one also scale off both faith and intelligence.
By all accounts, this weapon scales off dexterity and intellect the most
these big boys with magic clutch and fire clutch rings destroys
Dancer's Grace does no damage, and is entirely worthless.
I did NOT expect my full thorns armor to do MORE dammage then a +3 dancers grace -_-; some serious ballancing issues with some of these weapons