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By Anonymous
45 seconds?! Makes the damn things nearly useless..
By Anonymous
Not really. They're just meant to break stale mates and to deter invaders from camping around enemies. It gets the job done.
By Anonymous
I nearly have 300 of these
By Anonymous
When the 3 or 4 man gank seeds
By Anonymous
Pretty sure the drop can be triggered from other events too. I recall having runs when it has just dropped me one even when I haven't been invaded at all.
By Anonymous
Spear of the church counts too
By Anonymous
Anyone else just come here for the salt?
By Anonymous
I think it was safe to get them with cheat engine, when they were tradeable. Does anybody know if it is still safe or will it result in a ban now, since they are not tradeable anymore? Not that I would do that, just curious.
By Anonymous
It is safe, especially with the new non-code injection method.
By Anonymous
All is fair in love and war
By Anonymous
I wish you could trade this. :(
Invade as a Mound-Maker, cast Warmth near the host and then give them seeds to prove you are there just to help and kill invaders.
By Anonymous
Execute Order 66
By Anonymous
Man I think I ran into hacker, I waited in an area with no pve and waited like 15 minutes because he kept popping these smh hate hackers. Ended up just using the black crystal.
By Anonymous
Serves you right.
By Anonymous
No, it doesn’t serve him right. Anything the game allows you to do is acceptable to those with common sense, hackers are the ultimate scum.
By Anonymous
21 Sep 2020 Anon didn't git gud
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