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By Anonymous
Ive been trying to farm one of these but didn't get a single drop the whole day. Both npcs and red signs. Any advice?
By Anonymous
Read the comment dated 22 April. right below your's.
By Anonymous
I'm going to incite a lot of salt with this comment but I don't care. You can essentially trade embers for seeds by just dying to NPC invaders over and over, and going back to check the tree after every invasion. The drop rate is very high, haven'y tested it extensively but the number of invasions by the same NPC doesn't seem to affect it. Alva is great invasion for this since he spawns right near a bonfire. Speaking of Alva, if you don't mind the long run from the Ringed City bonfire, you can get seeds without investing embers because Seeker of the Spurned invades whether you're embered or not.
By Anonymous
OP again: Moaning Knight's invasion near Shared Grave is actually the fastest place to farm them. Just drop down until he invades, then hurl yourself off the path and die. And no need to be embered.
By Anonymous
Each invasion gives you a 10% chance of getting a seed stackable up to 50%.
By Anonymous
Please keep on invading at High Wall of Lothric on my NG+ cycles. All it does is pad my supply of Seeds because I know I won't need to use one there. Seriously though, last 3 cycles, like within a minute of spawning behind the door at the start area, I get invaded. What is it with this area that makes it so popular for invaders? Is it the fact that they don't get to invade players there in their NG cycle?
By Anonymous
These seeds are for ganks and bad players.
By Anonymous
No, bad players complain about players who are playing the game as the developers intended instead of getting better and overcoming it. The last 3 times I used this to thwart an invasion, it was the invader's own fault for not being aware of their surroundings.
By Anonymous
Nope, these seeds are made to deal with dumb invaders wasting my time everytime i kick their asses and go hide in a pack of mobs
By Anonymous
If an invader tries to lure me to an enemy mob, I use one of these and laugh at the coward getting pummeled.
By Anonymous
They probably hide behind mobs cuz you hide behind phantoms. Pot, have you met kettle?
By Anonymous
I play the game solo 99.8% of the time, and I've still seen invaders run off behind mobs when they realize they are not going to win in a straight-up fight.
By Anonymous
"Waah why was this nerfed?! Even with three phantoms, more health, and more estus, I still can't kill invaders!!! Waaaaaah" - every scrub in this comment section
By Anonymous
That's dark souls for ya. Host has all the advantages yet they STILL complain.
By Anonymous
Not everyone plays with other phantoms all the time, they counter the lack of estus with healing spells etc, and (most importantly) they are expecting a PvP battle and are geared up for it whereas the host is set for pve. Most invaders are just out to pad their score by killing as many non-expert players as they can. And all you clowns who respond "git good, scrub" go choke on a corndog
By Anonymous
Is there any way to tell your host to use this? I've gotten Blue'd into Irithyll dungeons too many times and the Jailers make it way too easy for the invader to 1v3 and I just need 10 of these stupid ranks for the ring
By Anonymous
nah you cant, suck***** darkmoon ***
By Anonymous
Or you could just learn how to play the game, ie git gud.
By Anonymous
All the damn gankers on here complaining about the time nerf, if we could get some 1v1s instead of always getting ganked by cowards who could play the game without their phantoms, we wouldn't run away so much.
By Anonymous
When you choose to invade no one has to abide by any made rules you think should apply. Git gud and beat the gankers or keep crying
By Anonymous
*made up rules
By Unit_XVII
tbh if I am getting ganked I will run away why? because it ain't being a coward (although some people are just cowards) it is trying your hardest to win at all cost I did it in demon souls my tactic was to break their armor with the scrapping spear so in the end if they died to the boss with their summon they would have to come through me if they wanted to beat the boss with a summon it is mostly because even if you git gud and you become a god in pvp and are super op there are thoses times where you need to run and get back up and since the giant seed now last 45 secs it means invaders can still have back up.
By Anonymous
I returned to Dark Souls 3 and just discovered the seed was not working anymore... and I saw there was a patch with that 45 seconds... that's really sad because it was a funny item. Now, coward invaders just hide for 45 seconds and come back. All invaders I get are like "take damage, run, heal, take damage, run, heal..." that's very tiring.
By Anonymous
Maybe cause we have less estus and have to deal with your coward phantoms. Coward invaders run in 1v1 invasions but if you have phantoms and seeds we do what it takes.
By Anonymous
to 14 Apr anon: you don't always have less estus. Are you assuming the host always has his full supply of estus when you invade? Anyway like someone else said, when you choose to invade my world, you are not wanted there. You are intruding, and I will do whatever I have to to send you back to your world without losing my souls and my ember. Even if it means luring you down to the Water Reserves and using a Seed so you get trucked by the one Sulyvahn's Beast I purposefully keep alive.
By Anonymous
Was on my way to collect my slab after Midir and got invaded while fighting the ringed knight before the harolds. Popped a seed and let the knight smack the invader along with the turtle monk. Dude ran away, came back healed and then i charged my dragon slayer axe weapon art and one shot the dude... 10/10 would dark souls again...
By Anonymous
Harald knights actually damage the invaders even without the seeds! So when an invader kites towards them just go with him and aggro the knight to make him slap the invader as well. :')
By Anonymous
That’s a foul vagina. Indeed.
By Anonymous
That's really unfunny dude.
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