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By Anonymous
People seem to use this wrong. Don't use it just to kill the invader- use it to trick enemies into chasing the invader, giving you an opportunity to pass by safely while both the enemies and the invaders are distracted. Of course, if the invaders are dumb enough to die to the PVE of all things, that's their fault.
By Anonymous
I'm mostly invader and I don't really mind this item. It has short duration and evading mobs isn't that hard. When I get invaded i use it mostly when red is ****ing around (dude, I'm not going to play hide and seek, come to me or get lost), or hides behind mobs like a coward (I don't mean hide and heal then go back, I mean refuses to fight 1v1). As a red it annoys me mainly when I'm solo against a gank and they also seed the world (like, seriously?).
By Anonymous
"dude, I'm not going to play hide and seek, come to me or get lost"

By Anonymous
It is not a gank if you invade other people. It's people wanting to coop together and you gank their play. If you want 1v1 fight you should go for red signs or pvp arena.
By Anonymous
Jan 6: By that logic it's also cool if invaders hide behind mobs then. Like you realize that if you don't give an invader a snowballs chance in hell of winning they're going to have no choice but to even the odds by any means possible, right? I'm not saying you should 1v1 them of you have a summon. But don't be salty about them using mobs of you're exploiting your own unfair advantage lol
By Anonymous
Also this needs to be said since people don't seem to understand: Invaders are already at a disadvantage. They have less healing and FP than the host. If you're 1v1ing them and lose, it's on you. If you're 1v1 ing and they hide behind mobs when they run out of estus, then yeah that's fair to be salty about. But being salty about them doing that on a 2v1 is just ignorant.
By Anonymous
Is there any lore reason for why they can make enemies attack invaders?
By Anonymous
Not really, but looking at the Last Giant boss cutscene it seems that giants as a nation cumulate so much hatred for human/undead race (Last Giant ripping his own arm to use it as a weapon). Maybe this seed is a little reminder to the foes that they should target every dark sign owner, even those out of their time.
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