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can be picked either in firelink shrine or in dark firelink shrine
can be traded with silky for some pants....
The tree won't drop it. Any other locations?
The crabs in the swamp drop them sometimes AND

Standing at the entrance of the firelink shrine and facing in, the right hand set of stairs leading too 3rd floor will have some arches leading outside. A giant is there, as well as the door to the bell tower, the key too which you can buy from the handmaid for 20.000 souls.
I can not confirm, but neither can i deny. What i can do is tell you what i did. I farmed the entire area of craps 5 times, i had 260 item discovery and i never got one, the small crabs only dropped bloodred moss and purple moss, and the big crabs usually dropped nothing, but i did get one titanite shard, and a great swamp ring. Although i think the swamp ring may be a fixed drop.
can someone get into this to confirm?
I'll go on a crab farming run here in a bit to confirm. Do you mean the adult crabs or the children?
I know being invaded by someone using an orb counts towards the growth of this seed, but what about summoned invaders?
Is there any other place to find this?
Do these drop if invaded by NPC invaders, like Yellowfinger or Holy Knight Hodric?



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I haven't played online ever since I got the game and it dropped for me, so I think NPC invasions do count. I just made it to Irithyll but it might drop earlier.
In dark souls 2 it took away the biggest advantage invaders had and I'm sad to see it back. Does anyone know if it got nerfed?
I don't believe it did, and rightly so. There's not much that's more annoying than an invader idly dry-humping a gaggle***** of enemies just because they know they can. This is a tool that can force douche invaders to actually take the initiative they should have in the first place and actually make contact.
That is a very close-minded opinion you got there, Mr. Darkwraith.
exxcept in this game it's more 3 vs 1 red.
If you invade, do your job and engage in pvp. No need for this item then.

However, lots of cowardly weasels hide behind NPCs because they need to use mobs to 3 vs 1 a host. This is a good item to flush them out.
Possible Drop from the Dead Tree Giant located at the Firelink Shrine (infront of the tower you would use the key for 10k souls from shrine maid). if you get invaded a couple of times you can look there and it is possible that a seed is grown at the tree. i dont know if you have to die by an invader (like in DS2) or if it is just the amount of people that have invaded you
sry for the typing error, i mean the key for 20k souls...
one time use only ?