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why exactly is the entirety of the knight set stats compiled saved for the gauntlet O_o ?



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Lol yeah its strange. I just added stats from my set :D
Maybe they just forgot.
The set's a little OP for starting armor in my opinion. There isn't much that can beat it when it comes to good defense and low weight
Completely agree, but you gotta remember, knight has always kinda been the easy mode starting class for melee users.
The knight class/set is more of a first timer class, so makes sense why it's op
Lol dark souls 3 absorption
Well, in ds3, armor defense doesn't matter much at all. The difference between 10% absorption and 30% absorption is a single longsword hit. Wearing full havel vs wearing nothing doesn't chance the number of hits it would take to kill you. Stilli agree on the fact that the knight has the best starting equipment as the longsword is simply the second-best straight sword in the game and the knight shield is a 100% absorption shield with the parry ability (and it requires less stamina to parry).
This armor looks nice and has great protection, especially for a starting set! I love the scarf/collar thing.
By far the most fashionable set in the game, no contest.
I absolutely love this armor. It's probably the most historically accurate armor I've ever seen in a Dark Souls game.
*cough* Lothric and drakeblood *coughcough*
For the guy saying Lothric and Drakeblood, I have to remind you something. Full plates existed, but were never worn on the battlefield. The reason for this is that firearms were created before them and thus rendered them useless The most technically advanced armors eger worn on the battlefield is what some would call a half-plate. It consists of a chainmail, with a breastplate, tassels, shoulder guards, sabatons, gauntlets and a helmet.
the pants of the knight legging are just copy of the fallen knight trouser with metal plates over them
Actually the fallen knight being a copy would make sense, because the helms look very similar, of course ignoring the huge crack going across the face
What if the Fallen Knight leggings is just a copy of the Knight Leggings?
Works well with deserter helm, or both helm and chest, or thieves hood armor is very light compared to other heavy armor and looks awesome
Demon's Souls FTW
The value for the "Total Physical Resistance" is wrong, should be 29.3 instead of 26.56.