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This shield slows your stamina regen by a lot
That's still sacrificing a ring slot for a shield you can still replace with havel's shield.
Which you can counter with a +2 cloranthy ring, green blossoms, ect.
If it was the removal of say, 50 total stamina instead of regen. then there would be a more sacrificial point on it rather than a tiny work-around.
Not really I used this shield on my character with a great machete in full black iron set I just used the regular cloranthy ring and I felt it worked fine in over and PvP
prop the best shield in the game
>Dark Sword
Did you just speak of the Scrub Sword in a positive manner!? Damn dexfags ruining this country...
This thing is useless really, since players dont bounce back on shields. Its 'ok' in pve but theres better options like slayers and yhorms
Tbh, the great magic shield spell can make a buckler into a greatshield, and will make most regular shields and greatshields OP, to the point of not even taking stamina loss.
It has the most stability than other shields, it probably can block an estoc flurry pretty easily, if upgraded(not even saying about the "buff shield" spell).
I know it isn't it, but it does look similar
it's the greatshield of the drakekeeper of ds2
can someone add the percent of stamina regeneration lost plz?
(Posted by T-Furan) The shield decreases stamina regeneration by 20 points per second. Standart regen rate for 0-70% equipment load is 45 points/sec. 20/45=0,44(4). 45%, that is.
Is this sheild not the same sheild the giant boss has in demons souls??
Not quite, but it does look similar to Tower Knight's only a bit cooler looking.
Struggling with those great shied + estoc scrubs who play that way because they can't git gud?

Well I have something for you: poison

You can easily get those people poisoned with a poison resin on your weapon, so just get some long/fast weapon that can be buffed. I don't know exactly what's the best way to poison people, but playing normally and hitting the shield has worked for me. The key here is patience. Once you have them poisoned, just stay away and watch them panic after a few seconds. Most of them don't have brains, but those few who do will try to take it of by eating some purple weed stuff (really rare) will have to open their inventory and find it, so stay alert for those players and get ready to go in if you see them stand still without holding their guard or anything. Sometimes one poison application won't kill them completely, but it's not too hard to make it happen again. If you use magic, there is a staff and a pyromancy that will make a cloud of poison, which will fu*k up these idiots pretty hard as well.
I miss Dark Souls 2 poison :/
used to use a greatshield until someone with a luck/dxt build made me bleed every second.
lol you are so full of *****. Poison is useless in this game to the point where it can pretty much be ignored. I highly doubt you can count on someone panicking because you are very slowly ticking off a very minuscule amount of health.
Poison is utter garbage in ds3. Its like 1 hp a second. Bleed
So beat the effective scrubs by being an ineffective scrub? Brilliant!
Especially against maxed out estus flask, the 3hp / s is as devastating as smough's hammer hp regen. Great thinking.
This only works with the storytellers staves poison. It does 12+ hp a second.
This is apparently the Greatshield of Syan from Dark Souls 2 that goes by the same name. Strangely it was carried by certain Drakekeepers, who had their own Greatshield as well.
No it's not
It's the tower shield from demon's souls.
It's the Glory Shield from Dark Souls 2, have a look

The tower shield from Demon's Souls looks actually much different.
It is, in technicality. But the fact of the matter is that in DS2, its a reference to (and shares the same model) as the Tower Shield in Demon's Souls