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10/10 would look silly again
And tities
this set gets unlocked when you kill aldritch
This is by far the strongest and thickest armor set offer the higher overall defense and resistance in dark souls 3 main game!
The set is sold by the Shrine Maiden for 5~7000 a piece after you give her the Profane Ash (I think)... one of the Ashes, definitely.
You can buy the armor after getting smough's weapon in irithyll
No it's after you kill Aldrich.



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A set stronger but heavier than Havel's...... luckily Havel's actually looks cool so yeah... nothing against anyone who where's it, but I'm only getting it so my collection of armor and weapons is complete.
Are you serious? that armor looks amazing,kinda sadistic
>Looks cool

How is being a poiseless pebble better than being Girthquake, tanker of R1s?
How is Havel armor for casuals, if you can barely move in it?
do you honestly really think havels look cool???
its like the icon of casualness.
Smough was not allowed to be a knight because he ate people. Aldrich eats people. You get access to the armor after killing Aldrich. I wonder if there is more of a link between the two?
It seems to be that you can buy the set after picking up the weapon, not after killing Aldrich.
No, you get the set from killin aldrich
You need around 68 vit to mid roll, if you also have his hammer, havels ring and the ring of favor and protection.
50 vitality bruh!