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i cant tell just by the notes


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Don't know why it would scale with Int at all.
Due to low damage output for casting dark miracles. On the other hand though, the other chime, which is Caitha's Chime, scales with both intelligence and faith but only for dark miracles. So this is your answer. This is the catalyst you definitely want to use for ANY dark miracle
miracles generally only scale with faith... From what I've seen so far there is one talisman and two chimes that get parameter bonuses from intelligence as well as faith. The talisman and one of the chimes are not recommended for casting dark miracles due to low
Does it only work on Physical weapons, like the Lighting Blade spell?
yeah, you cant buff weapons with buffs, like irithyll straight sword, not sure about if they have things like fire gem.
If you kill Yorshka do you get DMB? o.o


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No you do not. It can only be acquired by leveling up in the covenant.
I'm sorry, I'm not too familiar with the formulas but could someone tell me which chime/talisman is recommended to use with DMB?
You should use the one with the highest spell buff stat (sorry, I don't know which one that is).
Yorshka's chime has faith S scaling
Better spell scaling is what you do
Yorshka's chime has faith S scaling
How can I get this if I killed yorksha?
wtf did you kill her exactly? NG+ for you...
after a certain point in the game, you have no other choice than killing her in order to get the covenant items if you didn't talk to a certain npc before
Can you purchase this in ng++ like you could some spells in DS2
Covenant reward only sorry
you won't be getting this any time soon, not only are there mistakes you can make that don't let you return favours, but also the invasion mechanic is stupid.
You can also farm the Silver Knights at te Anor Londo bonfire, they drop the Proofs of Concord Kept as well :)
The drop chance isn't that high, but it beats PVPing for it, especially if you have trouble with pvp, or the invading mechanics
Weapon level +3 Max, Soul Level 51 btw
Not really. You can be a Blue Sentinel and just stay at a low level and only a +3 weapon and wait in the either the first bonfire and farm the Corvian items or you can wait at the last bonfire before the Abyss Watchers and farm dark knight equipment/pale tongues and wolf grass items. Alot of invasions happen in the forest. It'll take about 6-7 hours, but you can get 30 proofs early in this game. Plus, you can fully upgrade all your weapons/equipment to +3 and more than likely will be OP to any invader you cross.
already had it before you wrote your comment XD
At last Sunday I had to help out (Blue Guardian) every 5 minutes.
they should either bring back the blues invasion orb or send you regardless of what covenant the host has on
People complaining about not having to work towards a goal. Maybe you shouldn't play this game then
People are complaining about mindless hours of grinding, it wouldn't be so bad if the online aspect of it actually worked half the time.
It's not so much having to work towards a goal so much as it is how infrequently you get summoned as a sentinel/darkmoon. Over 10 hours in the covenant with only 3 summons total makes it almost necessary to grind against enemies that drop them to even have a chance of getting to 30.
Not really, you can easily do the majority of the game without grinding.
killing the same two enemies over and over again doesn't constitute "work", just boredom. The online aspect of the covenant should be working.
If you ever picked up this game expecting to grind so much you are the one in the wrong place. The covenant is broken and the percentage of dropping a token is so low that it makes the whole situation frustrating.
If you're playing a Souls game and aren't prepared to grind for hours upon hours, you're in the wrong place.
It says on this page that Darkmoon Blade scales with "spell buff" but what's that? how do you get a higher spell buff? I'd like to use Darkmoon Blade but im not too sure about its scaling since it requires Faith but does magic damage... anyone can answer me? thanks!
its a stat on your talisman/flame/staff/whatever that can cast the ***** spell
Spell Buff depends upon chime/talisma (or staff). Reinforcing it will increase the base value of the spell buff.

At 74 int/16 faith, my Caitha's Chime+5 has a spell buff of 204 (A scaling for int & faith) and my Court Sorcerer's Staff+10 has 244 (S scaling on int)

I've never seen a +bonus for spell buff, such as what happens with weapon scaling, but that is not to say that your stats won't further boost the damage of the buff. I do not know whether that has been tested or not.
Yeah, I think he understands that, or at least I did. The question was how do you make it higher? In other words is it just upgrading the chime/talisman or is your faith/int stat included in determining damage?
There are several rings that give buff to different types of spell damage, wonder if they also counts as "spell buffs". If they are then i assume only the ones that affect magic spell damage will increase DMB scaling....