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not the term I'd expect to used for a ninja lol
Most likely a translation error as the Spook spell has a similar description
Just another nuanced creative decision in the souls lore. The vague, mysterious "Eastern lands" are always half described as if barely understood or recognized by the 'western' kingdoms and cultures the souls games primarily deal in, knowing very well that players know its alluding to an East Asian aesthetic like from feudal Japan
Really want this set In darksouls 3, anyone know??
In the consumed kings garden
I just found out on youtube its on the wooded side of Lothric Castle, late in the game.


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Just kill Dancer early.
Go to the left side after going up the ladder after defeating the dancer, into the garden area, defeat the knight go halfway down the elevator and jump off you will see a little bridge looking area, and when you reach ground level it will be under the bridge looking thing that with a bunch of slugs around it
Still pissed they didn't give us this is 2 but at least it's in this but now no dedicated Iaito even with the weapon skills.
The female version of this set has light purple pink underwear while wearing a short skirt so everytime you roll its a panty shot
First of all.. Weirdo. :3 Second.. That's not panties. The black part of the pants, is cloth, that the plate armour is mounted onto. Remove the actual armour part, and they will just be regular pink pants.
Necrophilia required ahead
How is it necrophilia?


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Although I'm glad the Shadow set is back to a Ninja motif, I was kind of hoping they'd redesign it a little bit. I've never been too completely happy with the design. I think it's the mask. It looks kind of weird on some characters, especially female characters.

I do appreciate the female set looks a bit different, but it just looks kind of derpy with the mask it makes their head look huge especially with the arms exposed. Sort of wish it also had a unique design for the female characters.
cuz you made your chars head too big then, rosarias fingers with the set equipped and you can make it not look weird by making the right body proportions


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Like how in dark souls 2 (idk if it's the same in dark souls 1 and dark souls 3) the thief mask is very different for females than it is for males.
nice i can finally release my inner shipoopden by wearing this
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Each piece has a significant defense/weight ratio. Some of the best light armor in the (vanilla) game.