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By Anonymous
This thing would have been hilarious if it could have been infused. But alas, blessed butcher knife shenanigans were never meant to be...
By Anonymous
The only thing idislike about it is the skin.
Would prefer if it was more looking like the Dragonslayer Axe.
By Anonymous
Bro thats ******* just use dragonslayer axe then
By Anonymous
buy it for 4.99 from ea you idiot
By Anonymous
this weapon is amazing helped me kill the nameless king
By Anonymous
Sure, this weapon might not be the best. But it s WAY better than that embarassement from the profaned capital (eleonora)
By Anonymous
Look how they massacred my boy...
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Glad to see i'm not the only one who thought of that resemblance.
By Anonymous
This weapon is really cool and it will work in PvE, but the healing is pretty unnoticeable, and the Weapon Art makes it only slightly less terrible. The damage is mediocre, but it will do. In PvP this thing is AWFUL. It has no good moves because they are all easy as hell to parry. Overall, use it if you want, but avoid if you're doing anything serious.
By MetalCroustibat
After some testings, it appears that heal scales with max HP! And the heal is greatly improved through the WA, see Sharpen page which I edited with fresh values :)
By Anonymous
I created a character strictly for pve health regen using this knife, the etheral oak shield, sun princess ring, pontiff's left eye and right eye and your good to go. But avoid pvp like the plague as you will most certainly got parried.
By Anonymous
try weilding astora’s spear in left hand, every kills gives 30 hp and try using old wolf curved sword , it gives 120 hp every 3-4 hits plus the damage boost of combo that stack with pontiff’s ring
By Anonymous
Also try the Ring of the Evil Eye too, it heals you for each defeated enemy aswell (i think it has a 1-1.5 sec CD) but it works with the butcher knife pontiff left eye very good.
By Anonymous
Passive regen is too weak in DS3. The way to go is Evil Eye Ring and Parting Flame to get free Estus. OR get a simple gem in your offhand weapon and use healing miracles. Everything is better than restoring a few HP all 5 seconds.
By Anonymous
The Butcher knife got nerfed a little. Not using sharpen, 1 point light , one or two handed 8 points heavy, one or two hands 16 charged One or two handed
By Anonymous
Untrue, just tested: Light attack without wa heals 2 HP, Heavy attack without wa heals 28, Light attack with wa heals 31, Heavy attack with wa heals 56.
By Anonymous
I’m also getting these lower numbers. Perhaps a conflict wit PVP Watchdog?
By Anonymous
This is one of the best PVE weapons out there. weapon art is really useful.
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