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By Anonymous
Could someone please explain what this means in more detail? I feel like I'm getting some squarely-landed, straight on and unblocked hits that don't count (there's a pretty clear graphic when it does work). Either way, the strength scaling, speed (it's an axe and not a greataxe) and the weapon skill are pretty great as a fast weapon for strength builds.
By Anonymous
squarely landed hits i think means when you heavy attack as single handed right weapon. You basically hit the ground with hit by slamming it with two hands.
By GameingWolf
It just means you get damage in with the hit aka hitting a rolling target won't heal
By Anonymous
Stupid fast swing speed I hate that it can't be infused but I completely understand it theThing is already too good you will never see me use a longsword again unless this thing is drastically nerfed
By Anonymous
I just tested this. Each does in fact heal you, but only by a whopping 1 hp.
By Anonymous
Sharpened is 20hp, git betr
By Anonymous
I'd prefer to gain 1 hp with a weapon that has fantastic scaling in my main stat than 0. An up side is an up side, no matter how small. (Also the buff makes it considerably more regen)
By Anonymous
with the skill active it heals for 20 per hit, pretty nice actually
By Anonymous
I think this is the perfect weapon for strength builders to chop the enemies till the end. Unless there's alternatives
By Anonymous
Does this looks like ichigo's sword or is it just me?
By Anonymous
Kill yourself
By Anonymous
It's just you.
By Anonymous
Definitely just you.
By Anonymous
what if i knocked the npc enemy of the ledge. do i still dont get the knife?
By Anonymous
Yes. With all of From soft's games in this 'genre(?)' (bloodborne, dark souls, demons souls, etc) if you knock an enemy that drops a unique item off of a cliff, you can exit and reload your save, and then the item will be right on the edge of the cliff where they fell.
By Anonymous
How much damage would it deal at 40 STR and +10?
By Anonymous
Nvm around 360, should be able to get the most accurate number soon after i'm done with testing the new value of modifiers in DS3 :P
By Anonymous
416 or slightly more, pretty sure the other guy doesn't know anything about weapon scaling modifier LOL.
By Anonymous
About 290
By Anonymous
I mean, how do you calculate the bonus AR?
By Anonymous
Very miniscule, but they do.
By Anonymous
EDIT: Sorry, but when I did this I had the restore HP ring equipped. My B for misleading.
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